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When? Saturday March 28 Where? Mayer Theater, Santa Clara University Sign up 4 PM Doors Open @ 5 PM
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Anushka Sharma 1:1 with Lakshmi Baweja on India Waves TV! Her take on NH 10. After Superstars Shahrukh & Amir Khan her experience working with Neil& Darshan in NH10? Will Producer Anushka bank on script or her acting talent? Was PK - a dream come true? Her exciting 2015 line up & working with Ranveer Singh & Ranbir Kapoor? + more Click to watch
Actress Sonakshi Sinha 1:1 with Lakshmi Baweja on her first major release of 2015 – Tevar. How did Tevar fall on her lap? Producer Boney Kapoor seems to have showered lavishness similar to Sridevi in Roop ki Rani Choron ka Raja & Mr. India; did that challenge her performance? Did Arjun Kapoor show any “tevar” on sets of his father’s home production? If Arjun is “Superman”, what would Sonakshi call herself? Making buzz opposite Rajnikanth in Lingaa! Why she called herself “moustache magnate!” Status on her home production! Click for 1:1 interview
Rising star Arjun Kapoor in conversation with Lakshmi on his latest film Tevar.
Angry man strikes with attitude (Tevar). Will he lead Bollywood box office in positive direction in 2015? Is he nervous for his home production? If he is “Superman,” what will that make Salman Khan? Does his rowdy character manifestation give him opportunity to vent his inner conflict i.e reel vs real life? Was putting off other acting projects until Tevar release, a professional or emotional decision? What gives Hindi remake Tevar an edge over original Telugu hit Okkadu? All this & more on India Waves TV.
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Superstar Hrithik Roshan 1:1 with Lakshmi! Why Bang Bang most thrilling & brightest film for him? His co-star Katrina! Tom Cruise vs Hrithik in the remake? Why he said life is not supposed to be fair? Happiest character despite greatest challenges! Entire journey-a great victory for Hrithik overcoming roller coaster ride! What is his great example? Hitting the wall! How he shocked Hollywood Stunt Director Andy Armstrong? Why he asked himself right questions? How he responded to Lakshmi’s quick “Can I pick your brain?” following his brain surgery. His in-depth response to 5 Key words! Hrithik like never before! Click here - Hrithik like never before opens his heart, mind & soul on India Waves TV Network!
#1 Bollywood star at US Box Office Deepika Padukone in conversation with Lakshmi Baweja! What was her reaction on mafia threat to co-stars including Shahrukh Khan, Boman Irani from Happy New Year? How she responded to India Waves revealing her as highest Bollywood star BO record - over $13.35M in USA for a calendar year? Status on her upcoming film Tamasha with Ranbir Kapoor? Happy New year is not just a Deepika Shahrukh film? After 4 back to back blockbusters, what made her accept Finding Fanny? Will she & Shahrukh Khan score hat-trick with Happy New Year movie? + more Click for 1:1 interview
Priyanka Chopra like never before in a special interview with Lakshmi. Her knock-out punch in Mary Kom? Song she sang in joy! Her new single! Her excitement! guilt? What she whispered? Response to Gerard Butler's proposal on India Waves TV. Is she shooting for the moon? Her high standards set for the man in her life! What she needs & desires! Click to WATCH
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