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IW Director Mr. Anthony - Pioneered South Asian broadcast media in Los Angeles over four decades ago. It was his vision & guidance, India Waves Network was founded in 1994. First & only of its kind unique blend of Bollywood, Hollywood, Youth & Community program.

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Recent quizzes answered during India Waves TV broadcast hours.
  • Question: Name the copycat Bollywood song & the film/artist? (Song aired during India Waves TV broadcast hours)
    * Bollywood song Crazy kiya re' / Film: Dhoom was copy of Ölürüm Sana by Tarkan

  • Question: What food makes up nearly all (around 99%) of a Giant Panda’s diet?

  • Question: Which 5-letter word can refer to a spicy Latin dance or a spicy Latin sauce?

  • Question: Why & When candles cost more than birthday cake?
    If your candles cost more than your cake, then definitely you are getting older!

  • Question: Name the food that does not spoil?

  • Question: NAME the Bollywood Actor mistaken as political leader of WHICH country?
    Bollywood Actor Imraan Khan for Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. Actor Khan Imran Khan on Tuesday shared a screenshot of an email he’d received, in which the sender had pledged his allegiance and addressed him, “Dear Prime Minister.” The letter went on to say, "Successful leader takes right decision at right time. He recognises true friends and supporters and selects faithful team members."It further stated, "Now it in ten years long governance and I want to join your team on the very first day."

  • Question: Name Top 3 Countries speaking English as first language?
    1. USA 2. India 3. United Kingdom

  • Question: Name Five Bollywood Actors and their Five Hollywood Films?
    Among several Bollywood actors who acted in many Hollywood Films include: Priyanka Chopra (Baywatch, A Kid Like Jake), Deepika Padukone (xXx: The Return of Xander Cage), Irrfan Khan (The Namesake, Life of Pi, Jurassic World, The Amazing Spider-Man), Amrish Puri (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom), Anil Kapoor (Slumdog Millionaire, Mission Impossible), Om Puri (City of Joy, East is East, Charlie Wilson's War), Amitabh Bachchan (The Great Gatsby), Tabu (The Namesake), Anupam Kher (Silver Linings Playbook)

Congratulations to winners this week (Winners declared on first come first served basis plus at random)

1. Samrat S
2. Inderjit S
3. A Kumar
4. Mamta T
5. Reet Ch
6. T McDono
7. Ila S
8. R Rajneesh
9. Tony S
10. J Vikrant

11. Dr. Jain
12. Nat T
13. Anuja L
14. K Gulati
15. Brij N
16. Reema TH
17. J Bhandari
18. Deepa F
19. Atul J
20. Jayshree

21. A Chu
22. Kirti H
23. M Khan
24. Viraaj B
25. Jassi S
26. Rama V
27. S Nathan
28. K Atwal
29. Parveen M
30. A Johari

31. Joy D
32. A.T. Bhat
33. Sammy W
34. T Murathi
35. Rahila P
36. Appu D
37. B Mehta
38. Sukhi k
39. Preeyanshu J

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India Waves TV Prize giveaway during broadcast hours entry instructions!
  1. Open Entry: India Waves TV & India Waves Youth TV prize giveaway during every broadcast is open to ALL but entries during broadcast hours only!
  2. Quiz Prize Opportunity:
    The Quiz Question will be announced with Graphics every Saturday & Sunday during broadcast on India Waves TV.
    Watch & participate during broadcast including California, New Jersey, Connecticut & New York markets (check tab "TV Schedule Channel/Time")
    India Waves TV & India Waves Youth TV will provide opportunity for more than One quiz per broadcast!
  3. Eligibility: Every viewer eligible to enter the contest, must respond to the quiz via email
  4. Your ID to secure your Prize: Make sure your email includes following:
    First & Last Name
    Street Address (No Post Office or Mail Box address)
    Telephone Number
    Answer to Quiz asked on TV (during broadcast hours)
  5. Warning: Your Entry without your Answer, First & Last name, address & telephone will be invalid.
  6. Multiple Winners: There will be multiple winners per quiz. Winners will be on first come first served basis (in the order correct answer is received via email.)
  7. Random Winners: If your Quiz Answers is wrong, you may be selected as random winner on India Waves TV.
  8. Winners listed on website every week! Each week names of winners will be listed on this webpage following the weekend's broadcast.
  9. Winner Email Notification: Every winner will be officially notified via email by India Waves with Prize instructions within 72 hours from the broadcast.
  10. Prizes Email/Mail/Pick Up: Prizes will be emailed, mailed or Winner will be asked to pick up at a designated location! You will get instructions via email.
  11. Prize pick up Deadline: Please note if a Winner is notified to pick up prizes at designated location has up to 10 days to pick up the prize or forfeit!
  12. Your Prize: Winners do not choose their prize. India Waves uses discretion to select prizes for winners. Prizes are not substituted.
  13. One Household: Only one winner per household per week. There will be more Winners in more households!
  14. Be a Winner every week! Of course you can be a Winner every week but only one winner per household!
  15. How to secure your prize? If your prize is not arriving via USPS or email & you are asked to pick up your prize, you must present official photo ID with the name used in contest entry to claim prizes.
  16. Look what you can win? Movie tickets, Movie Merchandise, Tees, Concert tickets, DVDs, CDs, Tattoos, games, caps, momentos, souvenirs, etc.
  17. USPS mail/Email: India Waves is not responsible for misplaced or lost prizes in USPS mail. If you are sent prizes via email & you share email with someone, you risk your prize/special code.
  18. Violation: Any violation including false name or address misrepresentation, will disqualify the winner, the prize will be passed to the next deserving winner.
  19. Disqualification: Any false claim information to obtain prize will result in disqualification of your participation on India Waves prize giveaway contest.
  20. Winners at random: There are hundreds & thousands participating for India Waves TV quiz broadcast across USA. There are many who correctly answer the Quiz every program. The Winners are selected in order & at random as well.
  21. Prize Updates: Please keep checking for updates on Prize validation. India Waves reserves the right to enforce the above prize giveaway policy.

    Our track record for over 23 years: We appreciate your continued support & Networking! India Waves, pioneers in South Asian broadcast in USA – First & Only of its kind Bollywood, Hollywood, Youth & Community program. Almost 4.7 million prizes given away including Hollywood & Bollywood movie tickets Advance screening passes, Concert tickets, DVDs, CDs, Souvenirs & Merchandise!! A World Record for an Indian Media…not possible without you!!!
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