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IW Director Mr. Anthony, Pioneered South Asian broadcast media in Los Angeles over four decades ago. It was his vision and guidance, India Waves Network was founded in 1994. First and only of its kind unique blend of Bollywood, Hollywood, Youth & Community program.

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Download forms to order Solo/Group/Showcase Performance
Complete and email attachment to:
SOLO Entry Form GROUP Entry Form   SHOWCASE Entry Form CC Authorization Form

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Please note, all IWDM communications: No phone calls please. Email preferred for transparent record on file.
All Contestants, their parent & choreographer email is mandaory for all updates & official communications. If you do not submit your email, IWDM management is not responsible for any misinformation.

  1. What, When & Where is INDIA WAVES DANCE MUQABLA (IWDM)?
    IWDM is an Open Dance Competition. Saturday, March 9, 2024
    Doors open for public by 5 PM. Show starts 5:30 PM
    Robert C. Smithwick Theater, Foothill College, 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
    (Foothill College campus map on tab above)

  2. What time sign up & doors open?
    Sign up @ 4:30 PM for Contestant Sign Up & pre-approved Backstage authorizations access.
    Note: Auditorium cleared @ 4:50 PM. Everyone will be asked to leave the auditorium. Doors Re-open for public by 5 PM. Show starts 5:30 PM

  3. What time does the box office open on Event day?
    Box Office/Will Call opens @ 4:30 PM for prepaid ticket pick up. For past few years, IWDM Event is Sold Out in advance and no tickets sold on Event Day. We strongly suggest advance ticket purchase.

  4. What is the purpose of IWDM & Who can participate?
    An India Waves Youth Community Project providing opportunity to recognize and showcase your talent on India Waves TV. Any individual, independent group, dance school, non dance school welcome to participate.

  5. What is the entry Deadline for India Waves Dance Muqabla?
    Entries Closed! Inquiries:
    Late Fee. Additional $5 per Solo/Showcase entry and $12 per Group entry (NOT per person)
    In case of overwhelming entries, we may Stop accepting entries earlier than extended deadline. Entries are accepted on first come first serve basis.

    Age & Category requirements

  6. What are the age requirements for IWDM different categories?

    On March 9, 2024 (IWDM 2024 Event Date), participant should meet following age category:

    Juniors (9 years - 13 years) born on or after March 10, 2010 but on or before on March 9, 2015 (Note: 2024 is a Leap Year)
    Open (14 years & up) born on or before March 9, 2010. NO Date of Birth or ID required for OPEN Solo or OPEN Group
    Note: Open category above 14 years encourages all ages Adults - School, College students, Teachers, Choreographers, Instructors, Dance directors etc.

    GROUPS: Minimum 6 to Maximum 22 performers
    Kids (9 years & under) on or after March 10, 2014 (Note: 2024 is a Leap Year)
    Juniors (10 years - 14 years) born on or after March 10, 2009 but on or before March 9, 2014
    Open (15 years & up) born on or before March 9, 2009. NO Date of Birth or ID required for OPEN Solo or OPEN Group
    Note: Open category above 14 years encourages all ages Adults - School, College students, Teachers, Choreographers, Instructors, Dance directors etc.

    In case of limited entries, Junior and Open categories may be comined as one category
  7. What is Solo SHOWCASE category?
    Solo Talent SHOWCASE category (Non-Competitive Talents): Open to all ages for Solo performances only.
    You are welcome to Showcase your talent. This is non competitive category that means solo participants in this category will NOT compete with each other.

  8. How do you determine age group category?
    The oldest performer in any category determines age group category. If there is an objection/suspicion/complaint, please keep your Official photo ID for proof to avoid disqualification risk.

  9. Why is Email mandatory for a performer, minor performer’s parent, choreographers & dance school?
    Mandatory email required from every performer. If a performer is minor, use parent email ID. Choreographers email required as well. All IWDM official communications for event logistics & updated instructions sent via email until the competition day. This way everybody is on same page with open & clear communication. No question/inquiries on Event Day.

    Entry processing fees

  10. How much is the entry fee for Solo & Group performers?
    Non refundable processing fee for entry:

    (one person)
    $32 per person (Junior & Open Category)
    Important: No minor without an adult will be given access on the event day. It is mandatory for every minor Solo entry to purchase at least ONE adult ticket along with their entry submissions to guarantee participation. You can purchase additional tickets on the same entry form at the same time.

    (Minimum Six or more persons) Any Group less than 5 on stage will be disqualified.
    $25 per person (up to 22 persons maximum per group) Groups with more than 22 persons on stage will be disqualified.
    Important: Every Group entry for minors required to purchase at least One Non refundable Admission Ticket for an adult to access sign up on event day with minor group contestants. Otherwise the group will be refused access on the event day. We suggest ticket purchase during entry submissions to guarantee participation.

    Solo Talent SHOWCASE category (Non competitive talents): $42 per person

    Performance Time limit

  11. What is the time limit of performance?
    Each Solo performance up to 3:00 minutes.
    Each Group performance up to 5:00 minutes.
    Each Solo Talent Showcase performance (Non competitive talents): up to 3:00 minutes

    Sound track/music will be unplugged if the performance time exceeds assigned time limit and this may reflect on your judging score.

  12. Can we choose any music or song for performance in any language of our choice?
    Yes. Contestant can choose any vocal/instrumental song in any language of your choice.
    We encourage creative & fresh music compositions, medley and remix songs, blends/compilation of multiple songs.
    Any abusive or cussing lyrics will disqualify.

  13. Can a performer select more than one song or music for his or her performance?
    Yes. We recommend medley/fusion of songs/music conforming to total performance time Solo 2:30 minutes & Group 3:30 minutes. (Be creative!)

  14. What if other contestant selects same song or music as mine?
    This is an open competition. Each contestant has choice to pick their own song regardless. IWDM discloses performances during Emcee announcement on the Event day.

    Performance Music Time limit & Label

  15. When do I provide my dance performance song?
    It is highly recommended, you submit your music audio files along with your entry forms via email attachments. Files formats accepted in MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, files. Submit one efile per performance abiding time limit for your category. (Music submission deadline: February 29)
    Keep a back up mp3/USB with you on the Event day. India Waves Management will not accept any damaged USB or is not responsible for glitches.
    NO Music will be accepted during Sign up on the Event/Competition Day.

    Your music efile (that you will email along with your applications) must have only one soundtrack track up to 2:30 minutes for Solo or Talent Showcase and up to 3:30 minutes for Groups.
    NOTE: No substitutes or changes allowed for performance music after music submission deadline. In case of performance audios submitted as USB, it will not be returned. No exceptions.

  16. How do you label your performance efiles?
    All music EFILES
    that are emailed must be named as: KIDS, JUNIOR or OPEN followed by your Solo or Group name (no spaces) for example; 'JUNIORContestantName' or 'OPENGroupName' or 'ShowcaseContestantName'

    We strongly suggest you sbmit your music efiles with entry forms via email attachments or downloadable link in high quality. Avoid compressing in lower quality. India Waves management is not responsible for poor audio quality.

    Entry Form Submission & Ticket purchase online

  17. Can I submit online - my entry forms processing fee & purchase tickets as well?
    Yes, it will be to your advantage. Remember, entries accepted on first come first serve basis Online only. IWDM entry forms can be downloaded online. There are different entry forms for Solo & Group entries. Please complete & submit correct entry form.
    Group entry form, for your convenience, one person in-charge or group coordinator can complete form on behalf of entire group but MUST include each performers email.
    Complete & submit separate entry form in case of more than one Group from a specific school.
    Note: Entries & Tickets are Non refundable and accepted on first come first served basis.

  18. How do I pick up my tickets purchased online?
    You will have a choice to pick up at IWDM Open House (check updates on this page) before the Event or pick up at Box Office/Will Call with official photo ID on Event day. The tickets will be under authorized credit card holder name. The credit card person can authorize another representative via email to Make sure to copy the person representing them on the same email. This email communication is kept on record for verification.

  19. Can a performer compete both Solo & Group as well?
    Yes, a contestant can compete in one Solo + Group(s) category at their own risk.
    No special requests to accommodate order of entry or provide extra time to change of costume for contestants.
    Contestant must submit separate entries with processing fee for each Solo & Group performance.

  20. Can a group compete more than once in Kids, Junior & Open Categories?
    Yes, a group or Schools can enter up to three (3) groups per each IWDM category. Each entry must pay separate processing fee. The order of entry will be under group name (A), group name (B) etc.
    No special requests to accommodate order of entry or provide extra time to change of costume for contestants.

  21. What style of dancing is acceptable for the competition?
    India Waves Dance Muqabla is an Open Dance Competition. You have choice of Bollywood, Folk, Bhangra, Giddha, Raas, Garbha, Hip Hop, Classical, Semi Classical, Fusion & free style! You can perform on creative blend/fusion or composition.

    PROPS must be PREAPPROVED: What Props Accepted & Not Accepted at IWDM?
    Note: There is NO scoring for props. If you need to use props, you must adhere to IWDM Prop guidelines to avoid disqualification.

  22. Mandatory Preapproval for all props (All props require pre-approved by IWDM Management)
    Email photo of performer holding prop for preapproval. It is mandatory for all Solo or Group performers using props to obtain pre-approval from IWDM Management. Just take a photo/snapshot of one of your talent holding the prop and email to Please email in advance at least three weeks before the Event Dday. This will help you with rehearsal. Any performance without pre-approved props on stage disqualified.
    Clarity: Let’s try to make it easy on guidelines for everyone to understand Prop requirements at IWDM to avoid disqualification.
    Position/Set up Time? Solo or Group performers can carry only Pre-approved props on stage. You are allowed up to 5 seconds for set up on stage or enter stage with you pre-approved props during your performance.
    Carry back Props after performances: Make sure you (the contestant) take/carry back you pre-approved props immediately following your performance. Do not leave them on stage.
    Suggested Props subject to pre-approval in writing include Balloons, Scarves/Duppatas, Ropes, Plates, Crock pot, Pillows, Tambourines, Pom Poms, Umbrella, Back pack, Sapp/Chikka, Chaji, Chimta, Flags, Foam Nunchaku, Paper sword, Ribbons, handkerchiefs, sticks, Hats, or hula hoops.
    Talent must hold approved props like flag, banners not to exceed 3ft x 6ft.
    Safety Foam & Plastic OK. NO sharp objects
    Props NOT allowed: No stationary props not just limited to Furniture, Tables, Chairs, Stools, Mirrors
    Items that need set up or clean up are not allowed. To avoid fire hazards, avoid usage of props such as lantern, diya lantern and hoverboard. No decoration props without talent holding them. No confetti, No Glitzy or Glittering powder of any kind. No hazardous chemical or material.
    Entry on Stage: Choreographer/backstage person Can NOT help contestant in any capacity including setup up on stage. They are not competing with contestants. This may lead to point deduction or disqualification.

    Still in doubt? There may a prop you are hesitating or planning to use? Just email to clarify pre-approved props. Your cooperation & understanding appreciated.

  23. What will be the order of program for IWDM categories?
    Contestants will receive order of Solo & Group categories on stage via IWDM group email before the Event.

  24. How to enter on stage for performance?
    Stage left: All contestants & their backstage authorized persons enter & exit from stage left. (If you are on stage, it is to your left). This is your area to stand by & line up for your performance. When you are not performing, please stay clear from the wings/panels. No peeking.
    Exception for Group Entry on Stage: IF Group requires splitting entrance to/from Stage left & right. After emcee announces your group name, enter from stage left & take position. After performance ends, exit the same way to stage left.
    Entry on Stage: Choreographer/backstage person Can NOT help contestant on in any capacity including setup up. They are not competing with contestants. This may lead to point deduction or disqualification.

    Sign up & Exemption

  25. What happens at Sign up?
    All performers, Parents, Choreographers meet Organizers @ 4 PM in auditorium before the competition for IWDM official Sign up. This provides opportunity to meet all performers briefly for a healthy competition environment. For years IWDM worked on honor system.

  26. Who all must report @ 4:30 PM for Sign up on Competition Day & Why?
    All pre-approved individuals authorized for Backstage via email.
    Mandatory requirement for SOLO & GROUPS to report @ 4:30 PM Sign up.
    Mandatory for all pre-approved Backstage Individuals to access Backstage in all Categories.
    Authorized Choreographer or Representative for Kids, Junior Group & Open Group to collect backstage access for performers.

  27. Why is it mandatory for all contestants to arrive @ 4:30 PM Sign up
    IWDM starts with Kids Group. This means you get to go backstage right after sign up. We suggest come dressed up.

  28. How do we get Sign up Backstage access approval instructions?
    All performers & authorized Backstage access individuals will be notified to their respective emails submitted with entry forms.

  29. What is the Agenda at the Sign up?
    Contestant sign up & access backstage access.
    Preapproved backstage access to authorized individuals.
    ID verification for category qualification required. We believe in honor system but if there is objection, performer will be asked for official photo ID, School ID/Passport/Birth certificate etc anytime during IWDM competition. Any violation warrants disqualification. Disqualification can happen before or after the performance if violation occurs.
    NO Date of Birth or ID required for OPEN Solo or OPEN Group or Solo Talent SHOWCASE.
    Order of Solo & Group Entry on stage assigned at Sign up.
    Approximate start time for Kids, Junior & Open Category performance will be announced for your convenience.
    You may get heads up in advance via IWDM official group email.

  30. Who can come backstage with a participant? How long can they stay?
    One pre-authorized Adult (Choreographer or Team Leader) is allowed backstage per group with a pre purchased ticket for the Event. Make sure you request access on entry form for pre-approval. Choreographer/backstage person must stay Backstage & cannot help contestant on stage in any capacity including guiding or stage setup up. They are not competing with contestants. This may lead to point deduction or disqualification.

  31. Who is qualified to get pre-approved Solo & Group backstage Access?
    Only one pre-approved Adult (Choreographer or Parent) Backstage access allowed for Juniors Solo & Junior Group or in case of a minor Solo Talent SHOWCASE .
    Exception: Two (2) pre-approvals for 7 or more participants per group
    After each performance contestant(s) & authorized individual(s) clear backstage & go back to their assigned seat in the auditorium. This will assist in rotating stage performers considering limited space.

  32. Will the Individual pre-approved for backstage including Parents/Choreographers have to purchase a ticket & allowed to sit in auditorium?
    Yes, Choreographer or pre-approved authorized individual is required to purchase an IWDM Event admission ticket to go backstage. The same ticket allows them seating in auditorium. You can put your backstage request on entry form and purchase your ticket using the same entry form.

    Every minor Solo entry required to purchase at least One Admission Ticket for an adult to access sign up on event day with the contestant. No minor without an adult will be given access on Event day.
    Every Group entry for minors required to purchase at least One Admission Ticket for an adult to access sign up on event day with minor group contestants. Otherwise the group will be refused access on the event day. If tickets are sold out in advance, due to limited auditorium seating capacity, ONLY Pre-purchased confirmed tickets validates.

    General Admission Unreserved & VIP reserved Tickets Price

  33. What are the ticket prices for admission to watch IWDM including Parents, Families, Choreographers, and Guests IWDM?
    OPEN Seating $35 per person (UNRESERVED seats)
    VIP $65 per person (Reserved Seats) Limited tickets for expected pre-sold out event. Tickets available on first come first serve basis. Don't be locked out!

    * Infants under 12 months will be admitted FREE - if they sit on adult's lap. Only one lap infant per adult.
    * All others need ticket to enter the auditorium. Strict security enforced! Violators will be asked to leave the auditorium.

  34. Is there discount for Performers, Choreographers & their family?
    Buy 10 Unreserved tickets @ $35 each, Get TWO FREE i.e. Total 12 Tickets = You Pay $350 (First come first served basis.)
    Buy 25 Unreserved tickets @ $35 each, Get FIVE FREE i.e. Total 30 Tickets = You Pay $875 (First come first served basis.)
    Buy 4 VIP Tickets @ $65 Get One free i.e. Total 5 tickets = You Pay $260. (First come first served basis.)
    Purchases should be made at the same time by ONE credit card payment or via Zelle for payment option. All tickets are non refundable.

  35. Do Performers buy tickets?
    Performers do not have to buy tickets. India Waves Management will assign unreserved seats in rotating batches backstage & in auditorium. Performers will be seated on rotating basis in $35 designated seating area. NOT in VIP seats.

  36. How do I purchase tickets for IWDM in advance?
    Buy online using credit card or via Zelle for payment option (complete bottom section of entry form) for total number of tickets along with entry form of the participant. Seats are available on first come first serve basis and guaranteed if your credit card is charged. Entries & Tickets accepted on first come first served basis

  37. Can pre-approved backstage adults buy tickets in advance?
    A reminder you can secure your “qualified” pre-approved backstage access by submitting your payment along with the entry form & fees of the contestant. You must submit your request for backstage access along with entry form.
    Make sure you understand the requirement for pre-approved backstage access as explained above.

  38. Who will choose the winners?
    A panel of honorary judges delegated by India Waves Management. Judges decision is final.

  39. Will there be any rehearsals?
    No. This is a competition. There will be no rehearsals.

  40. What will winners win?
    Trophies & Medals for competitve categories! Opportunity to showcase your talent on India Waves TV Network.
    Talent Showcase do not win any trophies or medals. It is a non competitve category but get equal opportunity to showcase talent on India Waves TV Network.
    Recruiting Opportunity for India Waves Youth Wing and India Waves Youth TV.

  41. Who defines rules and who monitors them?
    IWDM Management defines rules subject to change and updates will have final decision in all matters.

    Disqualification Alert

  42. DISQUALIFICATION: What could disqualify a performer or Group?
    Any performer/Group who abuses in words, behavior and manner against another performer or IWDM organizer will be disqualified.
    No intimidation against fellow participant will be tolerated and it will be subject to immediate disqualification.
    Participants with incorrect or No valid identification will be disqualified. This checking could happen at Sign up, after your performance or anytime during IWDM competition
    Performers or Group performing without preapproved props.
    Performers failing to sign up on time on the day of the Event will be disqualified.
    Performers not on stage for performance after Emcee announcement.
    Choreographer/backstage person helping contestant on stage including setup up. This may lead to point deduction or disqualification.

  43. Who can be a Sponsor for IWDM?
    Any Business, A Professional or an Individual can become a Sponsor of IWDM Community Project.

  44. What are the benefits for a Sponsor?
    Recognition on Stage
    Appearance on India Waves TV Network
    Promotion of your Business or Services
    Presenter on Stage
    VIP Tickets

    Please note there are different categories of Sponsors & Presenters. For more information on IWDM Sponsorship Opportunities email

    No Video No Photography/ Security Enforced

  45. Do you allow photography or videotaping of IWDM performances inside the auditorium ?
    STRICT SECURITY: NO PHOTO,VIDEO by /CAMERA/ CELL . No Video recording or Still Photography be permitted inside the auditorium or backstage.
    Strict security enforced. Anyone in violation will be asked to leave the auditorium & your equipment will be confiscated including, video, camera, cell phone etc.

    If you are interested in purchasing customized performance videos for Solos & Groups, you will be notified of procedure & rates in IWDM official group email.

  46. Food/Drinks/Strollers/Wheelchairs:
    Food (snacks or meals) are NOT allowed inside the theatre. Plastic water bottle with a lid is allowed. Strollers are to be kept in the lobby & not allowed in the theatre due to space limitation & fire hazard. There are 6 spaces for wheelchairs, notification of wheelchair reserves needed in advance.

  47. Will IWDM Glimpses continue to broadcast on TV?
    Reminder: Glimpses of this event will be broadcast on India Waves Network across USA! (For IWTV coverage check the tab: TV Schedule)

  48. What if I have more questions?
    All inquiries via email: Thank you!

    FAQs updates changes & amendments: IWDM Management reserves right to amend, changes regarding IWDM regulations.

Hello Talents, Choreographers & Parents!

Thank you all for making IWDM 2024 a success yet again! Congratulations to the Best of Bay Area dance schools, talented participants, and choreographers for winning performances. Kudos to all participants cheering for each other fostering healthy competition!

IW Dance Muqabla 2024 Glimpses Broadcast on India Waves TV

IWDM highlights to start broadcast on India Waves TV in Bay Area Northern California and Central CA followed by national syndication on various television networks across USA. This includes latest expansion adding access to 71 million to existing viewership. You can also watch it on mobile devices.


Good News! IWDM Encore Presentation!! This weekend Saturday, April 6th Dance Muqabla 2024 glimpses will re-broadcast on India Waves TV Network. If you, your family or friends missed last weekend, don't forget to watch this weekend!

WIN prizes including movie tickets & merchandise during India Waves TV broadcast hours!

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Your Customized Performance Downloadable Link Purchase

a) Individual complete customized Solo Performance (downloadable link in high quality .mp4) file $69.00 (Free to make multiple copies)
b) One Group complete customized Performance (downloadable link in high quality .mp4) file downloadable link $85.00 (Free to make multiple copies)
c) If you are a Winner, request your prize ceremony to be included.
d) Orders must be placed by APRIL 30, 2024 via email


• Email your customized performance order request with attachment of your Zelle payment confirmation (Solo $69.00 / Group $85.00)

* Payment accepted via Zelle (email:
. Under Zelle memo, specify: KIDS, JUNIOR or OPEN followed by your Solo or Group name for example; 'SoloContestantName' or 'JUNIORGroupName'

* Downloadable links emailed in two weeks after order processed.

• By ordering you acknowledge and agree that the video is customized for your personal home entertainment only. Not for resale.

You can record IWDM highlights FREE during television broadcast.

Network with your family and friends. Share details and proudly showcase your talent on India Waves TV Network across USA!

See you on TV!

Click Here for IWTV Broadcast Schedule

Event Date
: Saturday, March 9, 2024
Doors Open: Doors open for public @ 5 PM / Show starts at 5:30 PM
Venue: Robert C. Smithwick Theater, Foothill College, 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022

Following is Foothill College campus map with Smithwick Theater area circled for your convenience.
For easy directions:

Use: Parking Lot 1 (multiple stairs) is closest, Parking Lot 8 closer (mix of stairs/elevator access + walk) or Parking Lot 5

Elevator access to the Smithwick Theatre:


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