India Waves 25 Years

IW Director Mr. Anthony - Pioneered South Asian broadcast media in Los Angeles over four decades ago. It was his vision & guidance, India Waves Network was founded in 1994. First & only of its kind unique blend of Bollywood, Hollywood, Youth & Community program.

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Recent quizzes answered during India Waves TV broadcast hours.
  • Question: Name the copycat Bollywood song & the film/artist? (Song aired during India Waves TV broadcast hours)
    Bollywood movie ‘Daddy Cool’ featured title track copied from Boney M’s popular song ‘Daddy cool’ in debut album ‘Take the Heat off Me’
    * Bollywood song ‘Love is a waste of time” in the film P.K. is inspired by song ‘Everything At Once’ by Australian singer Lenka

  • Question: Name 5 actors and 5 films featuring Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's qawwalis aired during IWTV broadcast?

    * Mera piya ghar aaya /Film: Yaarana starring Madhuri Dixit, Raj Babbar
    * Kinna sona tainu was featured as ‘Kitna pyara tujhe’ / Film: Raja Hindustani starring Karisma Kapoor, Amir Khan
    * Sanson ki maal / Film: Koyla starring Madhuri Dixit, Shahrukh Khan
    * Mere Naseeb mein / Film: Naseeb
    * Tu cheez badi hai mast in films:
    ‘Mohra’ starring Akshay Kumar, Raveena Tandon
    ‘Machine’ starring Mustafa & Kiara Advani

  • Question: The more you take, you more you leave behind. What are they ?

  • Question: Name popular Bollywood star featured in music vidoe '‘Mera Sona Sajan’' and two films (clips aired on IWTV?
    Katrina Kaif /
    Films: Singh Is Kinng, Dhoom 3, Bang Bang!, Tiger Zinda Haif etc.

  • Question: What breaks from you call its name ?

  • Question: What starts with ’T’ ends with ’T’ and has ’T’ in it ?
    Tea Pot

  • Question: Name the US President defeated by his Vice President ?
    John Adams was
    the only President to be defeated by his Vice President, Thomas Jefferson

  • Question: Name 5 popular films Directed by Producer of ANNABELLE COMES HOME ?
    James Wan directed The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, Aquaman, Insidious + Insidious: Ch 2, Saw, Furious 7 etc

Congratulations to winners of recent quizzes (Winners declared on first come first served basis plus at random)

1. Venkat J.
2. Judas S
3. Dr Shashi
4. Leelakumari
5. Mark B
6. Drshti R
7. Pooja L
8. Asthana T
9. Rajani G
10. Sudesh M

11. Richard H
12. Amit K
13. Jaya U
14. Rajneesh R
15. B Misra
16. R Patel
17. Vijaykanth S
18. S Dhar
19. Maheshwari J
20. Prashant C

21. Mohammed G
22. Seema S
23. Shyloh M
24. Vanessa K
25. Devji
26. Priti K
27. L Shah
28. Shivani P
29. Kavita G
30. Anuj M

31. Tamang W
32. Shibhu K
33. Meena B
34. Aadishri P
35. Adrishi V
36. S Basu
37. N Mehta
38. Bobby S
39. Madhu D
40. RM Nathaniel

41. A Khan
42. Rohit K
43. Veenashri
44. Daarshik T
45. Nabin C
46. Dhairya Sh
47. F. Bani
48. Narayanaswamy
49. Meenakshi G
50. Ajay P

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  6. Multiple Winners: There will be multiple winners per quiz. Winners will be on first come first served basis (in the order correct answer is received via email.)
  7. Random Winners: If your Quiz Answers is wrong, you may be selected as random winner on India Waves TV.
  8. Winners listed on website every week! Each week names of winners will be listed on this webpage following the weekend's broadcast.
  9. Winner Email Notification: Every winner will be officially notified via email by India Waves with Prize instructions within 72 hours from the broadcast.
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  19. Disqualification: Any false claim information to obtain prize will result in disqualification of your participation on India Waves prize giveaway contest.
  20. Winners at random: There are hundreds & thousands participating for India Waves TV quiz broadcast across USA. There are many who correctly answer the Quiz every program. The Winners are selected in order & at random as well.
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    Our track record for 25 years: We appreciate your continued support & Networking! India Waves, pioneers in South Asian broadcast in USA – First & Only of its kind Bollywood, Hollywood, Youth & Community program. Over 4.7 million prizes given away including Hollywood & Bollywood movie tickets Advance screening passes, Concert tickets, DVDs, CDs, Souvenirs & Merchandise!! A World Record for an Indian Media…not possible without you!!!
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