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IW Director Mr. Anthony - Pioneered South Asian broadcast media in Los Angeles over four decades ago. It was his vision & guidance, India Waves Network was founded in 1994. First & only of its kind unique blend of Bollywood, Hollywood, Youth & Community program.

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Following excerpts are from selected emails not necessarily winners.
Our congratulations to all the winners. Thank you all for your continuing support & appreciation!
I watch India Waves program each week. It's been a great program for me for quite some time now. It provides highest level of Bollywood entertainment in the West Coast - Gyanesh S
We love winning movie tickets on India waves. You guys are FOR REAL :) - Vineet & Niharika
Enjoy Bollywood copycat songs...ashamed of so called Bollywood music directors---shocking! Keep it up India Waves. - Saloni K
Your quizzes are FUN! Prizes are AWESOME! I Informative program. - Jay P
India Waves is awesome and cool. A lot of interesting events going on. T.V. programs are always good and interesting. The girls at the movie screening are always friendly and enjoyable.- Tony Nava
We love Bollywood with Hollywood touch on India Waves - Chris Laurellta
Go India Waves....-Jamie Knapp
I like India Waves because it gives accurate information on entertainment from both Hollywood and Bollywood. It's a all in one show! -Nilu Singh
I love the concept of this movie and it is even better with Julia in it. I read the book and can't wait to see the movie. And besides the movie.     l love India Waves, I read everything on your website and enjoy it everyday. thanks in advance - Laurie Kitzies
You guys are very nice and your program is very well managed - Fauzia S
Thanks Guys. love your show. you were practically giving away prizes! - Rini Johar
Love Youth TV! Keep it up India Waves!!!!!! - Sakina, Rama, Kunal, Remi & Gang.
Thanks for a great show. Cheers! - Shilpi Agarwal
My brothers loves Hollywood Films & me & Mom adore Bollywood. Thanks India Waves:) - Jaspreet Sangha
Your interviews with Hollywood & Bollywood filmgoers is fabulous! - Sheila Patel
The Sharmas love India Waves TV, Radio & love love your Website for prizes! - Jatin, Ramesh, Komal
We continue to watch India Waves for past 16 years. God bless your team & program! - Vinitha Srinivas
I love the videos you make at the movies.I watch them at library computer.They are truely helpfull for my movie choise..I hope i can win the ticket so i too can be there..Love the web site..Thanx..GD!!! - George D
LOVED your interview with Idris! Takers is a must see, way to go India Waves!! - Irene Bailey
India Waves TV & Radio is our family treat on Saturdays & Sundays:) - Rohini Milind
I am a big fan of Jennifer Aniston. Thank you for the tickets India Waves! - Chris Smith
My wife loves India Waves! - Robert Howe
We love musical quiz on India Waves Radio! - Manjit & Family
I love comedy. Can forget what's going on around the world. - Tony Nava
Eat Pray Love! To see the journey of woman through countries including my beautiful country India. - Chavi Kanwal
Julia Roberts is a best actress winner from Erin Brochovich. I loved her in Pretty Women. Watching the trailor the movie seems like a real Feel Good Expierence. I think Richard Jenkins is really an underrated actor. I can\'t wait to see this movie! - Virginia Williams
I just love Julia Roberts in everything she does. I even flew to NY to see her in a play. Oh Please, Please. Can\'t wait to see this movie :-) (Ticket Winner) - Awet Bizen
Because I love seeing Julia Roberts!!She is is great actress and you are so kind as to have these tickets for us to win..Thank You.!!I hope I win. - Maria Day
My wife and I Love to watch \"so you think you can dance\". Any dancing movie is one we would enjoy seeing on the big screen and especially in 3D. That would be a first for both of us. Thank You, - Dough Lepiane
We regularly watch your weekend broadcast and were delighted to see your coverage of Muslim Unity Day at Paramount Great America.   It was an exciting event and I was there with my family and friends and saw your team doing interviews.   We watch Indiawaves because it keep us abreast with local community events and news in addition to usualy bollywood halchal . Keep up the good work and thanks for supporting community events coverage.  There are tonnes of other asian chanels available on cable and satelite but Indiawaves enjoys a unique viewership through local community coverage.  We look forward to seeing more community items in future. - Rahim and Family
I wanted to thank you for giving us such a great coverage on your India Waves TV show today. Thank you so much for sending your team to Muslim Unity Day on August 27th. They have done a wonderful job of covering the event and interviewing Asma and other people. I also would like to thank you for giving Asma and me a chance to promote Muslim Unity Day on your radio program two weeks ago. We are all very grateful to you and your team...- Amir Waheed
God bless indiaWaves for its service to the community. - Nihal
I like to see Warris Shah-Ishq Da Waaris. I read a lot about Warris Shah. Gurdas Mann is my favorite singer and actor. His last movie Des Hoya Pardes was very good. India Waves is broadcasting songs of this movies, that make me even more excited. - Inder
I would just like to say thanks for featuring Muslim Unity Day on your show this past weekend. I have been a dedicated fan of India Waves for many, many years. I loved the special coverage of MUD this year at Great America. It was very informative and put together quite well. I saw those cute little girls walking around, interviewing all kinds of folks. They are very professional for such a young age. Keep up the good work! - Aysha Mohsin
Love the show!!! - Annie Des
I like how India Waves is a local show and is involved with many community activities. - Saba Khan
I love the down to earth nature of the show. Great to have a local show! It's also cool how the show has progressed on. Keep rocking. - Yogesh and Nimeesha 
I am not Indian, however I definitely enjoy watching your show every Saturday morning because it brings color and music to our home! Every Saturday morning, we get together and watch your show and dance to the songs! Thank you so much for a great show. If possible, I would love tickets to the upcoming. And keep up the great work! :-)  - Nivanthie
I like the new movie trailers both Hollywood and Bollywood. I also like the IW Youth Music Countdown with Vanessa. I also love that the program goes on for 1 1/2 hour. You should make it to two hours :). - Kaushal Mehta
I love that you have such variety in your programming.  You help us keep abreast of whats happening in the Indian Community in the bay area.  Your the greatest!  Thank you. - Meena Pal
I like the India Waves preview of upcoming movies along with your interviews of the stars of the movie. Thanks a lot for the great programming every week it gets me moving on Saturday morning! - Stanley Wong
I wanted to commend you on a great Television presence that has entertained my wife and me for four years now...Neither my wife nor I are of Indian descent…so we can’t understand a word that is being said if it is not in English, but we love the music. Keep up the wonderful work and we wish you much success. - Isidro Alvarez
I love how current India Waves about keeping up with those gorgeous indian actor/actresses as well as the directors etc behind the scene. i love the mix of entertainment with news as well. THANKS and keep up the great job. - michael vicente
I love the show - everyone in my house and family loves the show. I wish it could be shown more often  - it is an amazing show.- Namrata Sharma
i kind of felt it presents in a different way then the other desi channels in usa. - Prasad
It is the best indian show on the weekend and the entire week - love to watch it more and more. - Abhishek Ranjan
it is fun to listen to And is always talking about Bollywood. I love Bollywood Thats Why I always Listen And watch The one and only INDIA WAVES.  - Ramanpreet Nijjar
like that the program is diverse and doesn't only focus on music and movies the way most programs do.  I like the emphasis on fashion and culture as well. - Faria Chohan
What I like about India Waves is they show the whole music videos of top hit songs, they can convince people like me who doesn't like to watch scary movies to go and see Lady in the Water. They show fashion, music and all the Bollywood things... They have the next generation giving Bollywood news which is good because more people in the next generation will be more interested and learn more about the Indian culture. The time is very convient and fits my schedule. All I can say is Great job on this program and I'm glad it started coming on channel 35. - Shalini Rushi
I like everything abt our Desi Programme.........................India Waves, its a variety guys bring all the latest info about Bollywood. I don't need to watch Dish network every week to know abt our Bollywood happenings. Every saturday morning when I tune into your programme , I get all the news. Thanks for the wonderful presentaion every week. - Indrani Ray-Mukherji
What I like about India Waves is the variety of the local events coverage it does. No other indian channel covers local events as India waves does. - Madhu Rao
I watch India Waves whenever I have the chance and I enjoy it so much because the show is very interesting. Saturday mornings I can count on India Waves to give me a spectacular show. I like that it shows Hindi Film songs and it also has one on one interviews with major Indian celebrities as well as American celebrities. The segments on Youth TV are great for me too, as a teenager I get to see the Indian Youth festivities as well as my fellow friends preform in the various cultural shows India Waves broadcasts. All in all what I like best about India Waves is how well the show provides me with great entertainment. - Sonali Ekanayake
Its by far and way my favorite show in the Bay Area.  Keep up the good work Laxmi and Anthony!!  I also like the fact that you guys give out great movie passes for yoru audience. - D. Desj
India Waves is very interactive, everybody has a chance to cooment on different topics.- Inderjit
What I like about India waves it is a refreshing program, with excellent interviews, clips, contests. The India Waves Youth Program also tackles good issues in the program and with a daughter slowly growing up, I like hearing the views of the kids/parents here in USA. - S. Bhatia
I most enjoy the variety of what India Waves has to offer.  From new movie trailers to interviews with the hottest stars, I must say I’m hooked!!! - Emily Myers

My 6 yr old daughter enjoys watching the youthful group of young ladies - india durham rucker

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mann you guys always got it goin on. m serious. the show is just #1 all the time, UPDATing us with news all the time. even though we dont have zeetv, n so entertainin. 4 words GREAT JOB YOU GUYS. - jennie

I love the show - everyone in my house and family loves the show. I wish it could be shown more often  - it is an amazing show. - Namrata Sharma

India waves is the coolest Indian show in the bay area.  I am hooked on watching it every Saturday.  It always brings in the coolest news about the coolest shows - Fareena Jehan
i kind of felt it presents in a different way then the other desi channels in usa - Prasad
It is the best indian show on the weekend and the entire week - love to watch it more and more Thank you, Thank you , Thank you. You guys are awesome. - Abhishek Ranjan
You guys do a great job on the radio and keep it up!!!- Shilpa Samai
Thanks. It is fun listening to your show and interacting with Lakshmi & Anthony. Keep up the great work. - Monika Thakur
India Waves...Simple love your coverage of Various Bollywood Concerts and Hoolywood Blockbuster Movies... Pls continue the excellent job...Kudos to Laxmi for being so consistent with the show. - Mansoor Khan
P.S. Keep those quizzes coming!! - Nadia Kurwa
Thanks a lot. You guys are great!! Keep up the good work. - Amrita Prasad
What I like About India Waves is that it is fun to listen to And is always talking about Bollywood. I love Bollywood Thats Why I always Listen And watch The one and only INDIA WAVES - Ramanpreet Nijjar
We have been enjoying IndiaWaves program for years. Congratulations on becoming a Network. - Jai Nayan

My husband loves watching your show. My kids enjoy youth waves. Thankyou for good show. - Neita Rai

i like the way you guys host the show(its lively) and i love the way you give us update on wats happening in india and here. its a mixture of alot of things. - j ruben

I wanted to commend you on a great Television presence that has entertained my wife and me for four years now. Neither my wife nor I are of Indian descent…so we can’t understand a word that is being said if it is not in English, but we love the music. Keep up the wonderful work. we wish you much success -  Isidro Alvarez

It takes courage, persistence, patience, vision and leadership to achieve what India Waves has done in last 12 years. You have all of them and more for what it takes to make your dreams a reality. Radha and I are very proud of you and what you have done for the community. We both wish you continued success and pray that India Waves reaches the new heights and will become the measuring stick for any community based Radio and TV broadcasting standard. - Radha and Ramesh Yadav
like the up to the beat newz or rumours thats going around the world about indian it movie stars, bollywood, or hollywood interactions. -  Nalini Singh
A great and entertaining segment on Aishwairya & Abhishek! PS: I am a big fan of Salman and Tom Cruise- Madhuri Agrawal
love your tv and radio progs -congrats on your expansion.Love the way Lakshmi anchors the prog. - Deepak Mishra
As always we are enjoying your programs both on TV and radio. - Nabanita and Subhabrata Ghosh
it was hilarious radio program!! i love the situations created for salman-vivek... even ash will get kicks out of it...isssshhhh - Esha Singh
Thanks for the great updates via email... keep them coming. - P. Kappor

I watch your show all the time and i have been a fan of AmitabBachan since i was a little girl and i am still a great fan of him and i would like to request that you guys put a one day special of him on your show please take this request under consideration i would really appreciate it if you could fufill my request and please say Hi to him for me. - Beebee Churista Khan

Today I watched your TV show, "India Waves"...  The show appeared to cover a Bhangra competition. There was a group of girls that were interviewed - they were wearing sari's that were predominantly aqua blue and lime green.  Their dance clip showed them waving long black/dark purple flags and then doing a dance to a very wonderful song..I know nothing about Indian music, but I loved that song. - Stephanie Smith, Bethlehem, PA
I like the concert and movie demos that I can see when I visit the Bay area.  Sure,  I've got to drive 100 miles to get there, but it is worth it to know who is appearing. Thanks for keeping us updated. - Elan Vinis  
Thanks for your show and congratulations on your expansion. -  Melissa Chittick
India Waves gives the latest news, gossip, interviews from Bollywood making our Saturday morning something to look forward. Plus it has so many contests and cool prizes as giveaways which makes you want to see it every Saturday- Sanjay Bhatia
Nice show..keep up the good work. - N Singh
i love your programs and you and lakshmi make a great team. it does not seem as though you both are one up on another but that you are in a symbiotic and synchronic relationship. thats good. - Rini Johar
Hi IW gang: I am sorry I used up my time earlier for comments today and missed making any contribution to a subject dear to my heart. I am not good in writing partly due to my education in engineering. However, I will try to make my point with regard to the subject of discussion. Songs and movies are so much interwoven within.It is hard to go for one without the other. They are our heritage and that cultural espect of ours should be preserved by all means. Considering the taste of  the movie goers producers have to make a compromize between the two. I certainly would like them to cut the number of songs which did not belong there to begin with i.e.  if somebody is looking for a bad guy in the plot he does not need to visit a club and end up in song and dance scene there. Producers and directors need to listen to the growing middle class taste and address their needs in the movies subject matter. I feel the songs should be entered as an enhancement to the movies not to increase the length of them. The songs should be fit to the occasion. The length of an average movie about 90 minutes should be sufficient to convay the message. Unnecessary fighting and singing when taken out should make it easy to keep the length of a movie to 90 minutes with the exception of certain block busters which require more time understandably. Indian movie industry need to make changes in their thinking in a major way in order to satisfy the changing taste of the public. If they are not willing to be more in tune with the changing times I am afraid they will experience flop after flop until they get the message. I think the message has started already and how long it will take before they get it only the time will tell. So long.-JS Sidhu
PS . I being a sikh appreciate Akshay's  excellent contribution to the sikh faith and even more than that his contribution to the cancer. He deserves a lot of support from all of us for his cause for cancer in any way we can.

I like the concert and movie demos that I can see when I visit the Bay area. Sure, I've got to drive 100 miles to get there, but it is worth it to know who is appearing. Thanks for keeping us updated. - Madlydia

Well, I like the music and a lot of the movies seem to be interesting. I just would like to know if the have subtitles in English? Keep up the great work! - Misty Hackworth
It's great fun to watch the team, and the evergreen Laxmi,presenting such an interesting variety show about Bollywood.  Saturday mornings are sure entertaining. - Paul Desjarlais
Hi There, Caught your show on TV and really loved the dancing and costumes. So much fun. - Mike Billow
I can always count on India waves presenting us the latest Bollywood info. in a cheery manner-largely thanks to you.Thanks, and keep up the great work. - A. Saxena
 i think india waves is such an awesome show because, it provides the indian community with an oppurtunity to connect with eachother through this indian program. for example i'm a college student , and i am aways so busy with school and sometimes i'm not able to attend concerts or indian shows but i can always count on india waves to show the missed event, it' s like  i never missed it. and of course i love watching the interviews with the bollywood celebrities. and i would totally pick india waves over show biz india which aires like the exact time as india waves. i also enjoy watching the youth wing  cause i'm able to see wats up with the youth of today and and stay informed on shows and events.. so besides watching the filmi songs and  interviews i appreciate the effort of the staff to provide an hour on the weekend for us  to kick back and watch this authentic and exciting indian show.- simranjit kaur
I love India Waves! I may not be Indian, but I have Indian spirit because of your television programs dedicated to Indian culture. Your program uncovers many aspects of Indian culture that I find to be totally amazing and facsincating. And the ethusiastic and lively spirit brought to the program by your co-hosts Sabeena and Vanessa makes the program that more wonderful to watch. Every Saturday morning I wake up early, like a child waiting for his cartoons, to watch India Waves. Keep up the stupendous work. Your biggest fan and dedicated viewer. - Justin Woo

The Program is very well presented with variety of bollywood entertainment. I specially like Vanessa for her extraordinary skills as hostess for youtth Tv. - Sridhar Gundubogula

Great program as always!  With regards to your question today; It probably is a publicity stunt for their movie Umrao Jaan...but then if you look back, she hung out with Salman with his career was hot (and it is still today too); but then moved onto Vivek (or is it Viviek now!) when he was pronounced as the next hot and happening star with Company and Saathiya!  But we all know that he did not really do anything exceptional afterwards and is probably in a slump; so she moves onto Abishek who is NOW the hot and happening with his recent hits. You both take care and as always keep up the great Sunday lively program that I and many others look forward to!! - Shaileeni
Hey IW! i just wanted to let you know that i love watching your show every week! Its cool to see that the shows or events i plan on going to are being promoted by you guys, like the culture shows at colleges and even all the concerts. Getting up on Saturday morning and watching India Waves especially on concert days is especially great because you guys interview the stars at the hotels and get everyone pumped for the show! I also started watching india Waves Youth and i thought it was really neat how they had a debate on the topic of dating because a lot of desi's go through the situations that they were all discussing. In all it's just great to have a desi show that we can watch which helps us keep in touch with our culture. Can't wait to watch you guys next week! keep up the good work.- Shomaila Hafeez
i watch indian waves saturday and love salman khan interview. Salman the best! - Noorijaan
Is what I wake up to on Saturday Mornings J  I have been watching India waves from a long time but especially in last few months, the show has progressed so much that I am willing to give up ____ (which runs on same timings as India Waves.). I liked the way how this show is opening curtain to lot of these behind the scene actions. There had been broadcast of lot of movie parties, music release parties which makes it more interesting and content. Also Good music played on the show makes it a complete package. Youth TV has been a good effort and has been pretty tempting. - Vishal Abrol
You wouldn't believe how excited I was when you announced my name for the contest winner. I was suprised that I won, since this is the first time I won a prize from your radio station. I have been listening to you guys ever since the show was broadcasted. I think both of you and your radio station is the best. Thanks for selecting me as a winner. - Saritha Reddi

Regarding today's interaction - I would would pick Rani for her role in Black.  She was extraordinarily natural and delivered a superb performance.  Kudos also to Sanjay L.B. for the terrific direction! As for last week's actor pick; sorry I was not in town.  I would have picked my good man Salman- just because it was really a badyear for him (in press and his personal life) but he came out hot and happening, especially in the title song of No Entry!  Did he just not look amazing, as I say, much to the chagrin of my husband!! Take care, and looking forward to spending Sundays with you (via the radio) - Shaleeni

I really enjoy listening to your show. It is always entertaining, informative and bindaas. Keep up the good work. - Jasbir Gulabi
I have been listening to your Radio Programs and have been watching your TV program every week. I think both of you are doing a great service entertaining the Indian population all our friends from Pakistan, Bangladesh,Sri Lanka & Fiji in the bay area. - Surendra Kumar Shrivastava
It is a welcome change to hear to good music on radio, especially when Compared to Houston radio channels.  And the first time i called, i got Lucky :) Looking forward to my surprise prize winning gift. Cheers - Raj
As always, Enjoyed the India Waves show today. Last times show was just excellent regarding the Oscar nominee Black or Paheli. - Reena
Your program on Sunday is awesome. Keep up the good music for people like. Thank you. - Rekha
I appreciate your celebrity interviews and exclusive scoops. Thank you for entertainment waves. - RK Bansal
... your tv and radio programs are only  programs worth following. I was pleased to see your youth at the red carpet welcome. Good job India Waves! - Anjan Biswas
My whole family enjoyed your tv coverage of Sangeet Awards Show. Mr Anthony & Ms Lakshmi, both of you are gracious to provide such a great platform to your youth wing members. Our two young daughters have always admired your youth for being great community pride. We thank you for setting up great examples for us and our kids. God bless you two and continue the good work. - Nath Family
Oh my GOD! Salman was soooooo cute in his interview. Anthony, he really opened up in your chat with him. I loved to see this side of Salman... I am such a big fan of Sallu. Your #1 FAN - Gitika Kaur
Great program as always!  While driving today I was wondering if you were going to bring up this topic and I am glad you did. Film nominated SHOULD HAVE been Black; a great movie, great acting wonderful cinematography and tight story line.  It is really sad that a film so wonderful does not get the recognition it deserves.  Perhaps the Film Federation of India received some 'great lobbying' by the people of Paheli'?  Who knows?  Take care both of you, and love listening to you on Sundays. - Anonymous

Thank you for providing the Bay Area with the best and most entertaining South Asian TV and Radio show. All the best. - J Rajan

First of all, I thoroughly enjoy India Waves Radio and TV. You are certainly the best East or West. You are the only loyal, family friendly, real, genuine and devoted radio that is warm and friendly with the audience. I like your latest songs, interviews and your style. You do a good job of making everyone feel proud and happy about their Indian roots and culture. I am really thankful to you for dedicatedly promoting all bay area Bollywood Concerts and programming. I feel extremelly fortunate and greatful to have INDIA WAVES. - P Gupta
I have been such a big follower of India Waves.  My wife & me went to Sangeet Awards event. We totally agree with your honest thoughts and review of the show.  A lot of people feel the same way. You guys are true crusaders. - Janak N Solanki
I must say you guys are doing a great job serving and entertaining the community! I like the way you blend music,local information, chat- listening to people and reflecting local issues and concerns. Im new to bay area and discovered your radio station just 2 weeks ago, so count me in guys, i ll be your faithful listerner every weekend! - Prathima Gopikanth
You nailed the particulars of the awards. How can Sapna mukherji accept the awards. SHE WAS ON JURY! Shame on her. - Aniza Trivedi
U pple R always doing a very good cause to the community. We all R very proud of India Waves Radio Station. Keep up the good work. God bless us all richly. (not forgetting hurricane Katrina victims) - Pushpa
I really enjoyed your radio show topic this sunday.  It very sad that you can't trust any other shows here.  Now people will have 2 choice about live shows here.  You know me I will go all the shows only only if india waves annouce it. - Puja
we loved your radio show on sangeet awards. india waves always reports the facts! kudos to your true media report. - Manjit Lal
Thank you for tickets to Hollywood movies. I love watching advance screenings. Keep these tickets coming. - Amar Chopra
can't afford to miss your program. you guys are on the top of happenings in bollywood and here.... - Rajiv Sahai
WOW your festival coverage with actressPriyanka Chopra and Deep Katgare was soooo cool. Was that MC Hammer in their? Coooool!!!!!!!!! We love your show.....THANK YOU. - Gunjal

Your radio show rocks, me and my wife always tune to this show every weekend, what a better way to get updated with current Bollywood happenings and you guys bring up interesting topics for discussion every time. Keep up the good work, Two Thumbs Up!  - Mukesh Idnani

My family has been watching your tv show religiously. I am taking this opportunity to appreciate your team's work of  presenting a family friendly television show.  It feels great to watch your show with my daughter and her grandmother at the same time. Thank you for your presentations. - Ram C Sampalli and family
I am a great fan of your show. I enjoy indiawaves youth team specials. thanks to the team president Vanessa patel for being a youth leader. - Niti Mullick
Oh my GOD! I love your tv specials! You guys are simply AWESOME!!!! THANK YOU!! - Manisha Shrivastava
I admire your discussion on Salman Khan. Anthony, you are a great friend of Salman and you handled his controversy very professionally.  Hats off to you and your radio program. - Ankit Mehra
...we enjoyed the prize dvd. i couldn't belive the prize reached us so fast. can't thank you enough for this wonderful experience. - Vandana & Rohit Sen
Me and my wife are your true fans. We have told many of our friends about your programs. By the way, one of friends also won a prize on your radio show. Thank you for your energetic programs. - Junaid & Nikha
I never thought you were of,  as a part of current affairs media but when you did a show after  Abu Salem was cought,  I felt you  have the nervs besides love for for your counrty and culture,  but then for years nothing but Entertainment was the only theme, May be Abu Salem was connected with Bolywood so atleast he was touched in your show....the case of Salman insisted this show to get in currents and crime.  As per one of my great teachers,  Co.l Ram Singh (NDA),  there are two type of DROHIs which should never go unpunished otherwise the whole community/country has to pay for leaving them and those two types are RAM DROHIs and DESH DROHIs.... We indians have heart of Gold and he should be forgiven if he comes forward and give all the details  what he knows and accept innocently what he was up to,  to Indian Govt. and why not, Everybody loves him as an actor but see what he is doing is the greatest crime one can do....- Vineet
I have been enjoying your radio and TV programs for a long time and tune in whenever I can...Please keep up your great team work! - Nimisha Trivedi
Looks like its okay to get drunk, do drugs and rape heroines in Bollywood. Why all this fuss over smoking? - Mohit

Better late than never. Ban smoking, drinking and sexual exposure in the films or give them Ratings just like here in America. -  Karan Gandhar

Indian government is doing right by putting restrictions on the smoking in films & on television. Our young generation is influenced by their favorite actors. They should not get influenced by their negative actions. Good topic! - Sandy Mishra
I am tuned to your program and enjoying people's opinion on the SMOKING BAN. I must say, I agree with this ban. -  Jolly Barman
your last week's discussion should enlighten people and publications like time magazine who are living in denial. they refuse to accept the progress of bollywood films. they should contact media like india waves to avoid misrepresentation of our film industry. there are so many great epics, far better movies than the ones on their top 100 list. the callers on your program made a better list of top bollywood movies. keep up the good work. - Neha Kanwar
Thank you India Waves for great programs. We are always watching you :) - Dilip Patil
Shame on Time magazine for making lousy picks to represent our Indian movie industry. Bytheway, we loved the topic on radio today. Thankyou both for keeping us up to date. - Anchal Jain
I was impressed to hear interaction on your radio. I agree Time Magazine is clueless about Bollywood and their top picks of Bollywood movies show lack of their  knowledge. - Jivan Bhalla
Just wanted to say - Thanks for all that you and your team have been doing. It is fun and entertaining and Lakshmi & Anthony keep up the good work. - Kumar Rao
It is the best show in the bay and has the best radio station every week. You guy are the best-  Kushal Singh
Thanks for making another great show and giving a chance to win!It was nice talking with you on your lively show which keeps us glued to the radio set for full two hours.Its a great show - Prashant Gupta
First of all, you guys do such a great job.I love your show, on T.V and on the radio station. Keep it up!! - Naheed Hanif
You guys are doing good job i like to listen to your radio live interaction. -  Sameer Seth

I am from Montreal (Canada), and recently moved here. I saw you show for the first time, and really liked it because it connected me with Bollywood. I also enjoy the fact that it has the most recent information, and its interview segments. Keep up the good job! -  Bhavna Grover

the reason why i love indian waves is because the show is unique and it is people friendly. - meer jan
Though I am not a regular listner to your program but whenever I get a chance to tune in I luv to hear your show. Keep it going.  - Rohit Consul
What strikes India Waves chord with our community is your platform to our youth for years. We love your specials on talents in bay area.  - Ravi Kapoor
We have won a couple of times on your programs. Thank you for the great opportunity to interact on the radio. Love your prizes. - Leena Jha
I am following your indiawaves tv-radio for past 7-8 years. your team is very energized and talented. Bay area is blessed to have your programs specially for our youth. May God bless you and your team. - Ashi Chaudhary
Your Showtime kal Aaj aur Kal fashion fusion was cooooool! Hey these guys are not just cute but awesomely talented. Say Hi to all of them. - Mina-lalit- Shiv and Priya
India Waves Youth wing is awesome. Want to compliment Dipika, Vanessa, Ruhee and others for being youth role models. - Sumita Banerjee
Love your giveaways! Thank you for Century Tickets - Farida Khan
Thank you thank you for all the fun on your radio show. We enjoyed your topic guys are too good to be true. Keep it UP! - Mita & Nita Sawant
Ruhee & Vanessa are dolls. How do I cut into youth wing? - Noor

Santa clarsa show was fun:) Sapna (who looks like priyanka) and Kevin did perform well on Mujhse shaadi Karogi. - Raj Kohli

Yoour Adnan Show promotion on radio is a blast! You bet we will treat our mom!  - Sangha Family
Lakshmi is a community role model who has inspired your Youth Wing to be community pride. - Shivmoorthy
Great Dhol di Awaz Berkeley show on your program! Kudos to your Youth team for bringing the other side talent personality - Pawan & Meghna
Thank you for your contribution via your exciting programs especially radio program. We are regulars! -  Minakshi Mehrotra
Lakshmi is a community role model who has inspired your Youth Wing to be community pride. - Shivmoorthy
Your Showtime kal Aaj aur Kal fashion fusion was cooooool! Hey these guys are not just cute but awesomely talented. Say Hi to all of them. - Mina, lalit, Shiv and Priya
India Waves Youth wing is awesome. Want to compliment Dipika, Vanessa, Ruhee and others for being youth role models. - Sumita Banerjee
I have two teenagers of my own. Believe me, I encourage them to look up to your Youth role models. - Proud mom of Nita & Balvir
Yoour Adnan Show promotion on radio is a blast! You bet we will treat our mom!  - Sangha Family
It is the best show in the bay and has the best radio station every. You guy are the best. - Kushal Singh

Many more years of celebrations and cheers! - Jon Dhillon

Indiawaves tv is our weekly dose of entertainment! It is a star studded show with exclusives every week... our family is soooo on it every Saturday. Keep up your wonderful entertainment going. Love you all! Oh, thank you for the great prizes. - Nishita Sinha & Family

Great Dhol di Awaz Berkeley show on your program! Kudos to your Youth team for bringing the other side talent personality - Pawan & Meghna

thank you very much for the movie tickets!! i love your's so much variety! luv ya - Pinaz

Just wanted to say - Thanks for all that you and your team have been doing  - It is fun and entertaining and Lakshmi & Anthony - keep up the good work. - Kumar Rao
Long live The indiawaves radio!!!!! Cheers -  Shruti Upadhya
Thank you we enjoyed the show...Camera doesn't do justice to you, Laxmi. - Richa Awasthi
Anthony & Laxmi, Three of us are listening to your radio program while at work. Just like you say, you have actually made our "Sundays Fun days!" - Rohit Nadgar, KK & Ajay Dev
i wanted to tell you guys that you are doing a fabulous job! I listen to your show every week and your show is the best because you have a good management and good hosts. - Shahid
Thank you for Sunday Excitement! To top it thank you for the great prizes!  Can't beat that. Loyal fan of India Waves programs - Anand Nathan
I cannot resist sending you email complimenting your exclusive specials on your television program. every week is a treat. i will regret if i ever miss your program. keep up the wonderful job going. we are watching!!!!!! - Sanam Bakshi
You guys host a great radio program and we enjoy listening to it on Sundays. I reallycommend you both for the lively program your skills in engaging the audiences on the radio. I would very much like to attend Adnan Sami Concert with my wife so I can tell her Dil Se! that she is the best mother and my son's success (valedictorian in high school 05 class) is all because of her coaching and training. - Mukesh Shah
hi my name is hinna and i wanted to say that i like your show very much and i haven't missed a single one! i am also a big fan of sunhiti chauhan i love all her songs specially "bindass"... -  Hinna
Love your giveaways! Thank you for Century Tickets - Farida Khan
I wanted to take this opportunity to Thank the 2 of You for inviting to the Showtime 11 year celebration of India Waves.  We had an absolute blast.  It was a great party.  Very well organized.  The best thing was the attention to time.  Everything was done like clock work.  Entertainment was put together very nicely, food was great and dancing to DJ music was a lot of fun.  I must also congratulate the 2 of you for being such wonderful hosts.  We felt very welcome at the party and had a really good time. - Arti & D M
I was quite impressed to watch your annual party on tv. Your youth wing is very talented group. Thank you for showcasing such intelligent indian youth. This makes our families feel proud of our heritage and values in children.  - Dr  Trivedi
Santa clara show was fun:) Sapna (who looks like priyanka) and Kevin did perform well on Mujhse shaadi Karongi. - Raj Kohli
Ruhee & Vanessa are dolls. How do I cut into youth wing? - Noor Faizal
It's great to see all the efforts and dedication of everyone especially the youths in making it such a homely event indeed. I'm looking forward for more event to attend this year. Keep up with the excellent work. Like what Miss Lakshmi said that night, I quote," Expect the Unexpected!" - Ed
Congratulations on hosting an extremely popular program and your success in serving the community!! Opening this alternate channel i.e email is innovative and provides ease of access. It seems I am getting hooked to program because of your pleasant style!! - Surinder Batra
Congratulations Indiawaves team on ur EastCoast expansion. they need to taste Bay Area best program. - S.P. Vednathan It was a pleasant surprise to receive the swades dvd and it made my valintine extra special-- loved the guys rock!!. thanks thanks!! I recieved the dvd on thursday-- even americans don't deliver so quick -forget indians. Your caring and giving spirit is wonderful without any agenda--aaj kal kaun karta hai!!.You are blowing away the competition with your exclusives-- they just follow or imitate...... -  Deepak Mishra
Thank you so much for the absolutely brilliant time at the "Bride and Prejudice" screening. The opportunity was so great! The India Waves crew really put on a professional and exciting event. Thanks a heap! Cheers -  Nalini Narayan
Just wanted to thank you both for organizing the pre-screening of Bride and Prejudice.  We thoroughly enjoyed the movie and also the opportunity to meet with Ms. Gurinder Chadda.  Thank you again. - Dharmesh Makhijani
I'm orignally from Malaysia. Although I'm Chinese, I grew up with many Indian friends and also my aunt is Indian too. Since coming to SF, my understanding of Hindi has not so good. So with the show broadcasting in English does help me tremendously and I bet to the Americans to have a better understanding the rich culture, music and the Indian prople... thru India Waves, which I religiously watches every weekend, I'm so informed not only with the India's film industry but most importantly the Indian community here in the Bay Area. And the first hand news delivered right in your living room like when I found out the deceased of one of my favorite actress, Ms. Parveen Babi from India Waves. Somehow, I feel so much connected with the Indian Culture/ Community than my own Chinese origin And for that, thanks for a great job in bridging the Indian culture to the rich and diversity of the Bay Area. - Edward Nigam
I am avid listner and  watcher of your radio and tv progs and i must say your progs rock the bay area. It is like a breath of fresh and you get hooked. Your tidbits and style of presentation is unique and inteviwer of stars is good. The thing i like most is your recomendations of thought provoking movies like page3....Keep up the good work and God bless you. - Deepak
thank you for the gift. i just want to say that your radio talk show is like no other. it gives a chance to the audience to respond to what's going on in the their lives. sure other shows do the same thing, but it just seems as though the show is FOR the people BY the people. - Rajkumari
I've recently come from India to take care of my grand-daughter. Initially I was very bored over here as I did not find any interesting Indian programs on TV. But since I've started watching India waves, I am a totally hooked onto this program. In fact we never leave our house on Saturday's till I've seen this program. In case we do have plans for the weekend, I ensure that we record this program once we come back from our short vacation. I really like the various segments which are covered in this program. I really look forward to this program on Saturday mornings as an eager child would to their daily cartoon quota. You have made one proud grandmother say "Yeh dil maange more of this India
Waves." Thank you India waves. -  Neeta Bachwani
I love India Waves because it is the best...It is local so we know what is going on in the bay area not New York...It has the latest news about movies and bollywood. I always find out about a new movie coming up because of you guys... You are the best!!!! I hate the other 2 shows that play while u are in because all the play is stuff going on in The East. Keep up the good work. - Fadia Mojaddedi
Hi, you guys are the best day or night rain or shine you guys always show up live with lots of fun and we always wait  for that thank you so much for all the fun that you guys are  providing over the years on the tv and on the air.and all the prizes you have given to the listner s keep it up once a again thank you foe the prize again. - Zaheer
Thank you so much very much to both of you, you guys are the best and pray to Lord for your great health Anthony. - Baljeet Singh
i love india waves because it is people friendly and the show is unique, i love the show and i try not to miss it. -  meer jan
I like IndiaWaves because it is one of the best Indian television programs held in the Bay Area. We think that _____  is nothing compared to IndiaWAves because you guys not only show music videos but everything that happens around the Bay Area. There is a lot of things happening, and we like India WAves a lot and we all watch it very Saturday. -  Priya "the pooh"
I would just like to say, I love your radio show ! I listen to it every weekend and it rocks :) -  Sonali
Your Shows are great and always appreciated. There is so much fun, education, entertainment and great values of life shared here. Keep up the good work. May God bless you all richly. - MSharma
We love your show very much because it helps us connect with our roots and enjoy your entertaining programs, such as countdowns, latest videos and all the interviews!! We have not missed a single airing either! - Anjali
India Waves is the #1 channel for all the latest updates on the desi scene. Thanks India Waves for that. - Amar Pawar
I religiously watch your program every saturday morning and also listen to your Radio program on Sunday. You have a great show and recommend it to not only my India friends but also to all my American as well as Chinese friends. They all love your show. -N Patel
What is not to like about India Waves: An incomparable hostess, An endearable package of entertainment, and a whole load of free giveaways....jeez, india waves you are outdoing yourselves.... GREAT JOB - Rachna Moorjaney
I enjoy watching India Waves for various reasons. It keeps my family; cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. and me connected with the community and Bollywood. It is also shows diverse  movies, which I think is really wonderful, because it makes the people aware of different cultures, and  expands the people's mind so that they are not ignorant of the beautiful people surrounding them. India Waves provides for an array of Punjabi and Hindi entertainment, and English entertainment. I have friends in school who watch this particular program, because we can all relate to it. India Waves is not like any other Indian shows that are all stereotypes. India Waves is unique and this makes it stand out than the other Indian shows. India Waves actually listens to the people and care about their opinions. You can see India Waves display that every week. It is blatant that India Waves is the finest and highest watched India show. Thank you for listening - Subhpaljit Kaur
my 8 year son love India Waves - Sunny Thiara
I really enjoy listening to your program especially discussions of topics important to the indian community at large. - P Gupta
the reason i like india waves is because it gives us every news of our community that we need and also gives our community the spicy entertainment news, i am not the only person to watch this programme even my foriegner friends who are really interested into desi culture also watch india waves and i am extremly proud that india waves is like a mediator to spread the culture- Siddharth
the reason i like india waves is because i just love the show and i never miss it. - zakiya jahan
i like indiawaves because it keeps me updated with the upcoming and latest review/previews it also show concert clips which i really love and u could win free prizes by logging on also one thing is it is updated with festivels and community stuff like afghani new year and the park themes - sheila shah
I love your show......keep up the good work and continue bringing more exclusives. - A Mehta
I like India Waves because its very entertaining and gives us a lot of information on upcoming Indian or American movies. India Waves also interviews the best actors or actress's out there. Every saturday I wake up at 10:00 and immediately wake up and I either have a choice of watching show biz india or india waves. I ofcourse choose India Waves because its much better then the other show.... Me I personally am a # 1 salman khan fan so winning the mujhse shaadi karogi dvd would mean a lot to me because I havent won anything like this or ever done anything like this. so india waves keep up the good work and like Lakshmi always says reach for the stars but keep your feet on the ground. That’s what im doing right now- Amini
i love your show and totally watch it every weekend! Lakshmi your the best ever! really i love how you end your shows with shoot for the star but keep your feet on the ground! haha.. i love it! like india waves because its so original and diverse... you appeal to a wide audiance and have a very entertaining show. New songs old songs, concerts, interviews, stars, dance competitons, movies, bollywood info, everythin i want to know is on your show. its a complete package... i look forward to it every weekend. if i cant make it then i tape it..  culture is very importants and india waves keeps everyone in touch with all the south asian culture...its a great show and you guys all work do hard for it... keep up the great work.-  Aysha Khan
HI, there, very interesting programs you have in TV as well as Radio Stations.  I always listen to the radio and watch TV all the time.  You are my favorite. - Jan
I like India Waves because it delivers great movie clips and videos, that I can't find any where else! - Stephanie Penney
India Waves is the #1 channel for all the latest updates on the desi scene. Thanks Indiawaves for that. - Amar Pawar
I love your show because it provides me with so much of variety of hindi music, and it keeps me in touch with one of my passions: BOLLYWOOD!!! It plays the best selection of new hindi songs, and it shows me all the new movies that i have to watch. In addition to this, it shows me the local events ocurring in the bay area. I listen to the radio station as well every weekend. It's nice to have something to look forward to every week! And lastly, I love Lakshmi's smile!!! She's a great role model for the indian youth growing up in the U.S.!! - Neha Sabharwal
love indiawaves because you guys show best things. i always clean before your show come up. you guys are the best. - Jannifar
I like IndiaWaves because it is one of the best Indian television programs held in the Bay Area. We think that ***** is nothing compared to IndiaWAves because you guys not only show music videos but everything that happens around the Bay Area. There is a lot of things happening, and we like India WAves a lot and we all watch it very Saturday. - Priya
Thanks for the cultural exposure on television.- sohana
This is so Cooooooooooooool !!!!! You guys are "AWESOME" What more can I say? I do listen to your radio programs...Good job, Keep up the nice shows. With Warm Regards & Blessings. - Rekha Kallil
It was wonderful talking to both of you on Sunday 9/19.  I am very grateful to God that Anthony is feeling better & I am going to pray for your health. No show is like India Waves. - Pushpa
I am glad that Mr. Anthony is getting better.  Our best wishes and support is always with u.  I saw the interview of the Anand family yesterday.  I feel that this could have happend to any one of us.  I am deeply sorry that they are having to face such a terrible tradey and shock.  Thank you for giving us the email address to contact them.  I am proud to be part of India Waves.  It is one that stands out within the South Asian Programming Industry since it brings the community together by adressing real problems and supports people in the time of need. - Manisha
I like IndiaWaves because it talks about what's current. It relates to issues that are pertinent and gives the people a chance to express their views on things. The prizes, might I add, give encouragement for those who know what they want to say, but are too shy to say it. - Suresh Deopura
You have always been and will always remain to be an IRON MAN and a pillar of strength for ...India Waves and last but not the least, your fans!! - A well wisher
I love India Waves because it is the best...It is local so we know what is going on in the bay area not New York...It has the latest news about movies and bollywood. I always find out about a new movie coming up because of you guys... You are the best!!!! - Fadia Mojaddedi
i like india waves because they offer a variety of really good songs and because they have such a nice and fun host also because the dance competitions india waves is juss so fun me and my sister get up on saturday mornings juss to watch it it brings us all together so thank u!!!!-Sana
It is not just bollywood music.  It covers some local events and it is entertaining. - Vasanth
just love watching India waves every saturday. Lakshmi is a wonderful host who brings a lot of energy to the show. The India waves radio is also very exciting with great insights and wonderful prizes to win. Thank you all for keeping us entertained throughout the weekend. - Nalinee Srinivasan
I have been your faithful listener for years. I listen to both of your radio program...Thank you for doing the fine job- Manu

I love your show.It is the best among all south asian programmes.I called you on sunday & became a prize winner.So this is all the information.- Rizwana Tahir

listen to your radio shows on both Saturday and Sunday and really like the subjects that you bring up for discussions as well as voicing our opinions about it. I go to the India Independence Day Mela each year to strengthen my pride about my heritage and also to see different people and taste so much food. I truly enjoy it. - TM

It gives the updates about current events in Indian Community. - Rashmi Bala

I like India Waves because it connects me to Indian culture. - Shashi Advani
I have been listening to your radio and TV shows regularly. I think you are doing a wonderful job. I especially like your interviews with movie stars, movie makers etc. Keep up the good work - RekaK
India Waves brings the most entertainment Bollywood and Hollywood has to offer. Thanks for keeping us updated. - H Khan
I like India Waves because it is a really fun and unique show....i really like the host.-Irum


Lakhsmi, you summed it up. GURU DUTT, BAL THAKKERY,ITEM NUMBER. Now that is lot of VANITY FAIR in fusion with Mira Nair! - Kanti Nath
hey anthony, god bless you for fighting and surviving your health problems. you are a blessing to our indian community. may god bless you with many more years of healthy life. - Manik Dev and family
I was watching your tv show and saw laxmi interviewing director mira naire. Quite a scoop on her background and the movie. This made me curious to watch vanity fair. One last word your interviews are very candid like american interviews. Good job Iwaves - Vir Dua
YOur indiawavs is unexpected in program presentation. It is fun waiting for the next surprise. So whazzzz next? - Anny Singh
Mira Nair's interview was very informative and intense. kudos indiawaves! - Nivedita

First of all thanks guys for making all your callers winners. I have become regular caller of your program for last few months. Your mela related topics were thought provoking. By involving the community suggestions on how to tackle past mela issues were sincerely community you guys say, "indiawaves..where the Community is connected." Keep up your sincere efforts. - Ketan Shah

Heard your teaser of Mira Nair's interview on your radio. Can't wait see full interview with the lady "making waves" in Hollywood. - Sujata Badrinathan
oh man I was the lucky winner of the Main Hoon Na DVD.  You won't believe we watched the DVD 3 times already . Thank you for the prize. - Nikhil Setty
Me and my husband called your radio while driving to a party. We want to compliment both of you for broadcasting such great program. You topic was so catchy that we landed up discussing at the party as well. Thank you again for such a great program. - Jyoti Vaidya
How are you? My name is Sunny Sandhu, I called on Saturday regarding my mother's birthday and you made me an instant winner. Well, I came back from India after finishing 1 year in Medical School in Dayanand Medical College.P.S. After 5 years I will sponsor your program. So please keep up will your wonderful program. I really miss it in India. INDIA WAVES ROCKS!!!! - Dr.Sunny Sandhu

Thank you, Lakshmi. I have been your faithful listener for years. I listen to both of your radio program on Sat and Sunday.Thank you for doing the fine job.- Manu

Bollywood Waves with Lakshmi is a treat for one & all. - Dev Saigal
IWTV is the only program that showcases Bay area youth like no one. We are proud you are our neighborhood program. - Rajni Parekh
Thank you for Century tickets. I enjoyed Tom Cruise latest Collateral. Our gang loves India Waves. - Jay Majumdar
OH MY GOD! I watched soooooo many stars together on indiawaves today. i love your program!!!!!!!!!! INDIA WAVES IS MY FAVORITE PROGRAM! - Tina Gowardhan
its been wonder full to be a part of the india waves s listner and  manny time winner guys are the best  keep it up .- Saqib Zaheer

You guys were great like always. Your awareness program on three melas was great! We didnot know that there was Pakistani Mela. Congrats for your sincere efforts in creating harmony.The info on San Jose and Fremont melas was excellent. Keep up your fine work. - Imtiaz Shaikh

Hey Lakshmi! Your youth wing is a team of potential talents. By giving opportunity to our community youth you are ahead by leaps and bounds. As is your programming is the best in variety:) Savita Venkat
India waves is doing an outstaning jog by serving bay area by providing all the updates from Indian movie Industry and bay area's current and upcoming Indian events. You guys are great! Cheers!  ~ Anup
There are lots of tv and radio but no one makes waves like India waves! - Smiti Patel
love your show.It is the best among all south asian programmes.  - Rizwana Tahir

Hi Anthony and Laxmi, I listen to your radio shows on both Saturday and Sunday and really like the subjects that you bring up for discussions as well as voicing our opinions about it. I go to the India Independence Day Mela each year to strengthen my pride about my heritage and also to see different people and taste so much food. I truly enjoy it. - Trupti

Thanx 4 evrything. Love u guys. Ur the best! And I'm not jus saying that ...I mean it, even if I get a prize or not. :). - RB
India Waves gives the updates about current events in Indian Community. - Rashmi Bala other Indian programs give confirmation on any shows. Two times I saw wrong advertising in Indian newspaper for shows that never happened. Our family waits for India Waves to announce shows. That is the only confirmation we look forward to. Thank you for your commitment towards our community. loyal india waves fan, P. Ambani

I like India Waves because it connects me to Indian culture. - Shashi Advani

Main hon na dvd was a treat for our family. This was first time I won any prize. Thank you India Waves for everything. We love you. - Ritesh Sahni
WOW! Thanks for advance screening passes for the movies. I love watching every movie in the market. You guys are catering to all moviegoers like me. I never miss your show!!!!! -  Rohit Aman
i am a loyal fan of indiawaves television and radio. your program has been outstanding. if i remember, all my friends are addicted to your program. keep making waves. - Lori Atwal
India waves team has been providing amazing service to the community. We wait for your program all week! My daughter Tejaswani loves watching your tv host. - Sawant Ghoshal
Thank you for tickets of the Village. Our family is big time fans of Shayamalan movies. We are very proud of him. - Jayanti Ramana

We have never seen a top 10 the way indiawaves does it. kudos to lakshmi and her brilliant youth wing. you guys sure do it in style. - Kareem and Shenaz

How cool you are giving aways movie tickets to all Hollywood films. I love watching English movies. Last time you guys send my family to watch the Hollywood movie. We love winning on your programs. Keep giving away prizes. LOVE YOU INDIA WAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Amrit Jaypal
I have recently relocated from India. Frisco is fairly new to me but in last 5 months I have been following your radio and India Waves Television programs. I have called my family in India and talked about your fun programs so manytimes. I must say that you make me feel at home. Thank you for very informed and entertaining programs. Sincerely, Vaijyanti
I received the DVD of MHN..thanks. I must say the collection was really wonderful. The presentation was not like the other DVD's..(i.e. just a box). The different 'Journal' kind of appearance is really a unique touch. I was really impressed, and i think other people who buy the DVD will also agree with me. Good Work!- Rinu Singh

India waves keeps us up to date on bollywood and local community updates. We never miss your tv program on saturdays. - Family of Misra

Our family couldnt believe your live radio makes everyone winner. There are so many different callers but you make them all happy. God bless your team and teamwork. - Amir and Seema Ali
I am so excited to be on your radio as one of the winners. You two are so amazing people. Thank you for everything. - Robby Jain
Your top 10 are soooo funny. I talked to my friends about your youth wing doing fun stuff in top 10, they told me that even they enjoyed watching it. We love your youth wing work. - Kopal Nath
It gives the updates about current events in Indian Community - Rashmi Bala

Thank you at india Waves for the entertainment and community service. Your program is enjoyed by our family & many of our friends. - Dr. Shirlip

Basically it gives an opportunity for the college students to participate and bring out the talent and bring in confidence in them...M J
India waves is really cool! and its very youthful...the programmes are really awesome...the focus is not only on filmi songs but also on the social issues or dicussions/debate on the cultural barriers /differences and how the younger generation are keeping up their values...though their families have settled long ago in foreign country.

indiawaves tv has seen so much variety in past few years. my kids are born here and they love your programs. it is for kids and parents. thanks to you and your hard working team. may god bless you with all the success. - Jay Manaki

When India Waves is on air, your crew rocks and quenches our nostalgic thirst!!! Keep up the fabulous program!!! - Saravanan

IW brings latest new releases DVD information for the public to be aware of and enjoy! as soon as the films are realesed in India and the viewers feedback on any movie being released near our area.

India Waves rocks.  I especially like seeing music videos from the latest movies (Yuva, etc) every week.  I think that's great. Keep it up! - Ajit Ramachandran
India waves is really Superb! the reason is it keeps the cultural values of India ...mixed with western music industry brings in new film songs that we soon as the movie released ..and the trailors are awesome! so we know exactly what film is getting released in India
It keeps the focus on youth ..which is important..and fulfils the interest of all ages...and the interviews with the stars when they are here for meet the shining stars of Bollywood.- Muthu Jay

Keep up the fabulous program - SPuram

the reason i like india waves is because it gives us every news of our community that we need and also gives our community the spicy entertainment news, i am not the only person to watch this programme even my foriegner friends who are really interested into desi culture also watch india waves and i am extremly proud that india waves is like a mediator to spread the culture. - Siddharth
Because my 8 year son love India Wave - SUNNY
i love this show it's the best, i already wrote everything i needed to in the letter to win the yuva dvd, but i have to say come on guys i have to win one of these right???? i'm starting to lose hope on
this is why i love india waves..........because we get chances to win things and that has to be the best feeling to a viewer! - khatera kohistani
I like Indiawaves because the people the youth and the hosts are friendly and caring. They make us feel involved, linked to community events in the bay area, etc. Also I feel that i am closer to my roots and cultural background through the wonderful programming of bollywood movies, songs,interviews they provide. I liked the interviews of all the breathless stars, the road show, the ads and promos and english translations for the new songs. Keep up the great work. The hard hitting topics and issues discussed are really interesting and valuable too. You are truly power of the people, East or west IWTV and IWRadio are the best. Live, Let Go and Let God. your loyal listener - P.G.
Thank you for your contribution to our community and youth. God bless you both. -  Dr. Vinay Pandey
your radio has brought a lot of awareness to not only me but a lot of other listeners. i have enjoyed listening to your callers reactions. thank for bringing latest topics for discussion. - Sanjay Pandit
Your variety entertainment programs are broadcast in style. You have been our favorite for years. - Rehana, Karim and Tariq
We love the way you give opportunity to youth You guys are bay Areas Best. - Shalini Parekh
Your advertisement of quality films gives us signal (red or green) to see it or not in theaters. - Shreen Dosa
We cant wait to watch Deewar. Looks good! Sounds good! Sanjay Dutt is always cool. - Fareena(Sanam)
We are amazed at you giving away over 180,000 in prizes. India Waves are the champs! We want to Win tickets to watch Spider Man2. Our son and daughter are crazy about Spider Man. - Komal & Jatin
India Waves Youth Wing are indeed beauty and brains. Why not? Lakshmi is a true role model:) - Revati Seth
Lakshmi is a very cordial host. She has the grace & charm that is poised to attract viewers like us. Keep up your fine work for the community. - Lubna Khan
Your listeners comments on $78 million wedding expenses was intriguing. Our family simply loves your program. - Venkat Shekhar
Our family love you putting ICC Dance competion. Your youth team did a fine job. Thank you India Waves. - Balamurthy and Family
We watched on India Waves MHN reactions at Century Theaters. This is a good way for people find out about the mew movies. You guys should do this more often. - Murtaza, Zeba, Assad, Iqbal & Banoo.
India Waves Top 10 with Deepika looked good. India Waves is outstanding in giving youth such a wonderful opportunity. - Minali M
Lakshya looks like yet another award winning film. Lakshmi was quite slick in her interactive stlyle with Hritik. Cant wait to to see the film. - Preet Mansi
Main Hoon Na brought laurels to Bollywood in main stream. Thank God we watched at Century25 in Union City.- Roopa & Kirit Patel
The Best indian program in Bay area is India Waves. We can't get enough of your tv or radio. Thank you for giving everyone great opportunity to win super prixes week after week! - Ragini Shekhar
You gave a big helping hand for soccer fans like uis to watch a are indian tournament. - Malkit Bajwa
India Waves is very good in showing all the good stuff for our youth in bay area. Keep up your good job. Lakshmi you are the best. - Neera Mohan
We love the india waves interactive program. Your topic on Sonia and then piracy was very informative and educational - Jay Mathur
In San Jose there are two pirated stores. They are so open and guilt free in renting pirated bollywood films on dvd and music cds - Madhu Kamble
There should a raid like Chicago coordinated in Bay Area. Maybe Fear can help! - Mir Shaikh
There is this shop on Fremont Blvd who are loaded with pirated stuff.- (ID protected)
............Video stores do it in back of their store. Its a shame they have (store details) and yet they cheat people with fakes.(identity protected)
These two stores.....& Fremont are the real piracy cheaters. Both in DVD's & cd's. When we ask them they tel;l us that they are doing a favor by giving cheap price! (ID protected)
In San Bruno  and in Berkeley ......., ......, and ..............  in SF have more pirated version than any original. Bust these guys. _______Family
It was a really great radio program last Sunday. I really was happy to see that you are seriously cleaning up the act in Fremont. It is really nice of you to give all the listeners the prizes for this show. I am really honored and feel blessed and thankful to the IWTV. my info is ....wanted to mention some stores and places i know where they are pirated dvds being sold or rented. They are ....... Fremont, ........ ,...........and ............. I think its really sad that all the stores are ultimately cheating us customers. It is really not fair and they should tell us clearly instead when the original dvds are coming out. I really would like if Eros Entertainment and Indiawaves can work on cleaning up the act at these stores and forward this info to the authorities. I really want only original dvds of hindi movies and songs because my family and I are loyal fans and viewers of Bollywood. I also feel that it could be helpful if the distributors just send out information and have lists posted in advance so all the distributors do not engage in this most of all. I was really dissapointed to see that to make more money they sell pirated and illegimate copies in.......... and also once in .com For example once i bought the taal dvd and it was ripped version and i sent it back to ....... because i was angry that it was really poor in quality and did not have the eros copyright labels. In raaga megastores it is really good and . I also encourage and support Indiawaves TV when Laxmi continues to tell us when orginal hindi movies come out. God bless - ID Protected
Pirated dvds and cd's are like cancer in our stores. India Waves awareness program made the guilty store owners nervous. - Subash Kohli
Indian Waves is interesting tv show. I am a regular viewer. The fusion of different cultures is catchy. I will refer your program to my buddies. Peace. - Kirk Bordis
...entertainments waves on India waves is truly breezy....hmmm Thank you India waves. - Jay Dutta
I love india waves its so.... kool  u get to know what is going on in india fiji islands... etc also in you're own backyard (neighborhood) i know the problem about the boy in Richmond who went to get something from the store and never came back.( laxmi, anthony is he back?) also the show its funny too. P.S thanx laxmi & anthony for all of the fun quiz's & the free giveaways - Neelam Singh (fyi, the boy is back)
I love India Waves program. - Saroj
My family and I love to watch India Waves on Saturdays because of the spectacular dancing, costumes and singers. We also love seeing and hearing from the movie stars during your personal interviews. Your program is uplifting and starts our Saturdays in a very enjoyable manner. Best regards - Joanne, Matt, Veronika and Samantha Blair, San Francisco
there's no doubt you guys sure do care 'bout our youth in the community. - Talreja Family
Your television program has extraordinary variety and full of excitement. It is sizzling hot. - Amin Zaidi
You both are very nice, my wife Asma and I just love to hear you guys on a radio. thank you...-Sonny Majjid
Thank you for giving our kids the platform they were missing. - Jitendra Kartar
Good to see that your Program on TV and Radio is shining and Now only Sky is the limit. - Taher
...our family watched the college coverage on your tv show. we were happy to see both our daughters on tv for the first time. our family thanks you for this break.  - Bansals
Main Hoon Na reactions at Century were so cool. The filipino and afghani blend with indian audience is so unique. thank you for showing bolywood craze. - Amita Aggarwal
I was a first time caller on your radio and I WON!!!!! GREAT PROGRAMMING. GREAT GUYS! LOVE YOU INDIA WAVES. - Preet Devyani
Laxmi, We saw you at UnionCity Century. You are a great group. Thank you for taking photo with me. - Mohan Behl
My friends were listening to your radio program on may 2. believe us we all agreed about your comments on Shahrukh. he was original and not overacting in Main Hoo Naa. - Meena, Jayzee, Trisha & Jai
My husband is american. He loves to watch your program regularly. He enjoyed your interview with lara. I loved rhitik (Hrithik) on your tv show. thank  you for keeping program entertaining for nondesis. - Anita & William  Bartlett

Thank you for entertaining us during weekends. I am a loyal fan of Indiawaves... never miss your show. Keep your prize list long =) - SHAN DAVID

My 4 year old daughter loves indiawaves. You are a family program for sure. Love- Nikita (4 yrs) & mom Rishita
hats off to India waves team. thx for serving our community. keep it going. - Anika Kripal
I am a non Indian viewer of India Wave. Your program has made interested in bollywood films. I am looking forward to see Sharuk's movie Men humna (mein hoon naa) - James Norton
My kids loved watching youth talents on your tv. All of us appreciate your services towards our community. Thank you inida waves. - Arti Narayan
Thank you for providing entertaining program for family. - Nandini Saxena
Goodnews that bolllywood movies will be playing at prestigious Century theaters. Congratulations Ken of eros and India Waves for your collaboration. - Vivek Chaudhri
No media announced Fardeen's act at Breathless hearthrobs. You guys were the only TV that announced what Fardeen would do on stage. We love your style. We also saw you at the concert. Good job deepika and india waves. - Samira
I am an afghani. I watch indiaWaves covering afghan mela. then u interview afgani star celina on tv. thank you for telling people that celina is a afgani. luv u laskmi - Naureen
IW tv and radio makes Indians in Bay area talk proudly of our Bollywood industry to nonIndians and Americans friends. - Nikki
we like india waves cause you guys put on good shows and songs. me and my familys always get ready to see india waves when the time comes. And we always hear your radio show too. you guys are the best show and we never miss some time we taped it when we could not have time.We loves india waves - Shelly
OUr family watched your saturday tv program on kmtp. You would not believe how our kids glued to tv watching your interview with Hrtithk, Lara, shan and Celina Jetley. we recorded the program and watched again with our friends. thank you for a great program and entertainment for the family. - Sachdeva family
India waves is very bold in their interviews with stars. Lakshmi does not mince any words. Now that is what I call a professional host. - Mink Batra
We love laxmi for making the stars keep their feet on the ground :> - Kim
Whenever we see Lakshmiinterview stars she is very composed. Whether it is Hritik, Salman, Aishwarya she puts them at ease and in comfort zone. - Kabir Singh
Thanks for giving me the opprunity to talk to Jagjit Singh on the radio.  You guys are great.  Take Care. See on the tv on saturday - P Nayyar
Every program is different and dynamite. IndiaWaves YOU ARE THE BEST. - Vijyant
i just wanted to congratulate you on such an outstanding interview, with the breathless stars you we great, and it is soo amazing how you are  with such big stars and yet you can manage to keep your cool it wa s great! - Meeta
I wntd to let u guys know that u guys are doing a fabulous job, ur progrm today (Sunday 4/25/04) was even better that u guys brought in Jagjit Singh. Keep up the great work. - R Bhatia
I saw you Lakshmi yesterday morning and I loved your interview with Celina! You did a really great job!- Mariam Khan
I love india waves p.s my cousin thinks you are beautyful lakshmi ji - Jannifar Khanoum
My family and I really appreciate all that you and Anthony have done for the "Desi Community." Thank you very much. I hope to hear from you soon. - Afsheen Ahmed
Celina looked HOT!(Tsssssssss). We were so surprised to know she is part AFGHAN. Thank you for bringing this news to us. Go waves...... keep making waves. - Zenia Khan
I love you guys because you make all of us happy on Sunday and the small give aways that you do is a real sweet gesture. Keep it up India Waves. - Anup Singh

Your interviews with breathless stars were true highlights. Hrithik was looking so cool in the interview. Keep it rocking india Waves! - Sana Bedi

Your radio program is mind blowing. Loved Lakshmi's interview with Kusum. The fun part was Anthony's comment on Aishwariya named among 100 most powerful & influencial people in the world by Time Magazine. Anthony you are right "ASH is powerful because she dumped boy friend Salman Khan! Influencial yes," She influenced Balkar Singh to buy Breathless concert," - Savita Thadani
Lakshmi is the original host who represents Indian Women with dignity in Bay Area. - Alok Sen
IWYW is the best role model for our youth and community. - Roopesh Seth
Keep up the good work at IW! You guys ROCK. - Bhavesh
Someone in our family have won some prize on India Waves. We love it. - Jaikishen family
Your host Lakshmi is adorable. She has given youth opportunity for deserving visibility and stay focused in this messed up world. May God continue to give her the courage. She is worthy of God's blessing. We will continue to pray for India Waves. - Karl & Trudy Anderson
What a pleasure for our community to watch India Waves. It's entertaining and a true role for youth. - Beena & Jigish Patel

I remembers years ago Deepika, Ankita doing IW Road shows. Today you guys grown to sweet 16:) We are proud of Community pride & Service India Waves Youth Wing!! - Faizal Bakhtiar

Your youth wing were awesome in India Waves Road Show! Their performance left us breathless!! Laxmi you got the best team on TV. Our compliments to Vanessa, Dipali, Kevin and others. Thank you for your off-beat program. - Reena Mathur
What an excitment we all get on IW Radio. Different minds interacting with your Professional hosts. We love your style of entertainment.- Bharat Sanghvi
It was real fun watching desi nites on India Waves TV. You guys are great that you care about our community youth. We also thank Geeta and Roma for representing IWYW. love you. - Sharmila, Reema, Tina, Sheena, Mili.
The reason why i like india waves because it covers allthe events int he bay area.also i like watching india waves the show  is not like other shows it shows all the new songs but hte shows just shows the song that people request. my favorite parts of India Waves is we get to see all the dance performances from other schools and also get to win tickets to movies and cds. i dont think the other shows does that. - rosie mudaliar
have come from India to visit my Son. Life here is really boring for us. Nothing much to do for me. After seeing your program on TV, I really don't miss India much. Your program is truthfully creating waves and every Saturday we wait for your program. Kudos to you and your team. - Jagdish Chand Vohra
I have been watching your tv and listening to your radio for last couple of years. Your savvy tech and stylish presentation is on your television program is outstanding. IW Radio is the BEST in USA!! LAKSHMI Your crusade for our youth is awesome. Keep the crusade going. Need any assistance our family and friends we are there! - Ravendra Brij

I like India Waves tv and radio because it discuss topics that concerns listeners and the viewers of the shows and each week they give variety of different prizes to their winners. I also like India Waves because Anthony and Laxmi discuss and tell their viewers about  new bollywood gossip concerning the stars. - Sukeshna M. Singh

India Waves is the best thing that happens on tv and radio on weekends! - Madhu Joshi
You make saturdays and sundays fundays for our family. - Jehangir & Family
Vanessa, Dhanesh Top ten with your youth wing was entertaining. Shreena & Kevin with Ashwin and Sabeena all make good team and good program. Lakshmi you are doing great service to our community. - Jyoti Subramaniam
You are the only one who makes tv/radio a pride for Indians in Bay Area. - Lovely hands
We love your fantastic giveaways! Congrats for over 119,000 advance screening tickets to Hollywood blockbusters. - Evan Goodson
Lakshmi is doing so much for the community. Our Kids love her tv/radio and india waves youth programs. God bless. - Pillai Family
India Waves Youth team are a great pack of good looking guys and beautiful ladies:) - Mujib Khan

Love your youth talents. Kevin, Mariam, Dhanesh were superb covering Afghan Mela. India Waves touches people like no one else. - Jasmine & Iqbal

IW Youth Wing are proving that you are developing broadcast skills in our youth talents. Keep the good work going. - Raju Parwani
I did not know that there was an Afghan Mela in Bay Area. India Waves report was very enlightening. You guys are the best in community. - Rastogi
I had been travelling to bay area to and fro from New York. I heard your program a couple of times. I was delighted to see your upbeat style of program and outpouring response from callers. I feel we Indians and the community need this style of program to express themselves on current happenings. Next time I will make it a point to call in to give my thoughts on your radio show. Sincerely,  - Dr. Anil J. Kothari
I wish Anthony and Lakshmi for giving thousands of listeners around the bay area a good entertainment, intresting topics, quiz,. I pray god  that India waves wil reach many more  listeners in the future. All the best. - Ashok
first of all want to let u guys know that I absolutely love ur prgrms, n that they're very original and thoughtful. Thank u guys so much for all the info u guys give us and ofcourse ur prizes. - Rinku Bhatia
I love you both so much, I regularly listen your program and watch your telecast since you strated...Thanks very much for giving all the communities equal chance to participate. - Mohammed Saleem
India Waves Youth team were on your show. We did not see this kind of Indian TV before. Thank you Lakshmi for providing off beat waves program. Please compliment your youth team. - Rajiv Girish
I was delighted to see over one dozen youth wing team members getting a lifetime opportunity to host India Waves. Lashmi the community needs to recognize your contribution in developing youth leadership. Shirin Zafri
Way to go Iw Youth wing. You do makes waves- Renuka Pallavi
You guys are always setting up new standards in new standards in Broadcast. Laxmi great idea giving your youth team rare opportunity on air. Ritesh Janak
IWtelevision team work is surely a statement for focus on Youth. Waves you guys are the best. - Jaspreet Kaur
We love India Waves and respect you for helping our talent bay area youth showcase their talents. - Shroff and Zaveri family
Your youth team look good with Vanesa, Danesh , Shreena, Ruma, Kevin and others. You guys bring in freshness in indian TV. - Ayesha Shaikh
We hosted a party on Saturday and guess what India Waves was a hot hot topic. You care so much about our youth. Some of the kids want to join you. Can you please tell us how? - Karuna Madhukar
I understand you will be coming with more creative youth programming. You can count on our continuos support. - Avinash Shah
India Waves, love your style - Joselyn
Your radio was again a bomb today. Loved your interaction on why Bollywood actress want to marry real life Hero. Best examples Madhuri, Raveena and Karishma - Kriti Jain
You guys mean it when you say Sundays are fundays! - Laju Gidwani
Your show is really great.I hope it will further promote india Pakistan friendship. Your approach is very positive and sincere. - Shabnam Gul
Your radio program had anotehr great interactive topic today. I admire India waves team for creating awareness and fosterindian-pakistani friendship and educating americans of your great cultural and geographical ties. - Rod Ming
I enjoy your programme every Sunday. removes my stress from work. there are so many interesting topics are learned from your radio programme. Wish India waves good luck. - Ashok Manglore
just finished listening to the radio show. you guys were great! keep up the same spirit in all forthcoming shows. - pawan
I always enjoy the radio and tv show alot. Thanks alot for giving us such nice interaction....Keep up the good work and hats off to all the team. -  Gupta
I was one of the caller of your great radio show....God Bless You. - Shaikh
Mr. Antony & Ms. Laxmi, You two are 'mmmazing! you made everyone winners on your radio. I never heard of anything like this before. THANK YOU.....I WILL ALWAYS TUNE TO YOUR PROGRAM. - Jignesh Gosai
Ur programm is very interesting and full of energy keep it up and bring some new subjects... Good luck to staff of India Waves for  10 Years of service.-Yousuf Khan
We are very proud of you Lakshmi. You give our youth opportunity on TV and the best part you guys are open and caring:)- Mila Gosh 
There are times when your program goes out of way for community awareness. Everyone we know applauds you over Gay exploitation in Bollywood. Savita Choudhry
Your IWYW are good. Youth debate Arranged Marriage was Superb! Loved the way the debate focused on tradition Vs. Choice. Our family never misses your show - Srilata Moorthy
Shahrukh Khan overacts everything. He did go overboard with Gay attitudes. WHY? - Khurana Family
What makes India Waves a champion is your outspoken fair and balanced opinions. You are the BEST!! Sumeet Saigal
Shahrukh and Saif Ali Khan are confessing their love for each other on Shahrukh's deathbed. Then Lakshmi came along and said how ridiculous it was and how he should realize he is a role model for younger viewers. As an extreme Shahrukh fan, this comment made me angry. ....This is not meant to be rude, I'm just being honest. - Sincerely, An Anonymous Viewer
SRK, going berserk with Gay Statements. We wonder if he realizes that he is  confusing genders with Kids, Hey SRK atleast think of your kids if you dont care about ours. - Shabana Begum
Toba! the Khans are getting weird with their gay acts. Sharukh and Saif taking Gay on bed!! What next???- Rubina and Shekhar

Looks like Bollwood loves to copy cat Hollywood all the way. Now it's Gaytime! - Nova Hernandez

Just about all of Bollywood films are making Gay Statements. But, when King Khan rubs it does he know it hurts kids? - Karim and Sheanaz
Lakshmi IW is free frank and fearless. Keep your awesome interaction going strong. Our family loves you. - Jafri Mukhtiari
Its pathetic Karan Johar,Shahrukh and Saif Ali profess Chakkapan. Guys? Please Save it for your bedrooms guys...ooop's!!! - Mohan Vithal
All the rumors we heard of SRK being bothways is getting obvious with Shahrukh's filthy promotion of gay community. If you are confused about your gender keep away from kids. You..........Niki & Arvind
First it was Kal Ho Na Ho where Shahrukh made very ugly gay statements. He is really pushing it with disgusting bedroom postures with Saif on stage at Filmfare Awards- Roop Jain
You guys are right. Shahrukh Khan should not flaunt Gay attitudes considering little kids are his fans. He has moral obligation with his own kid - Renuka Shastri
Thank you for creating awareness on Bollywood stars portraying Gay and Lesbians in Bollywood. It's weird when the characters overact. - Kokila
India Waves is doing a splendid job with our youth!.Your Youth Wing represent our community with responsibility and pride- Banupriya
Everyone has a unique opinion. Maybe Shah Rukh Khan meant something well. Otherwise all individuals have their own right to do or choose whatever they want to do with their lives. - P. Sharma
Wow! India Waves youth debate on dating and Arranged marriage truly reflects your leadership. Our friends are very appreciative of IW youth Waves.- Ruksar Shaikh
We have been following you for ten years. What a journey! You never gave up in making better waves.....- Suresh Goel
Thank you for giving direction to our youth. India Waves is the only TV program that cares about Bay Area South Asian Youth. - Purvi & Shailesh
Congrat's! your 10th. year showtime was a blast. Loved your youth talents, Vanessa, Sabeena,Shreena, Dipali. U guys r the best:)- Punjabi
Your showcase of youth talent speaks volumes of your contribution to our community. - Amita Puri Raghav
Lakshmi is developing role models in our Community Youth. No one cares like India Waves - Aryan and Sunita
We enjoy discussing India Waves interaction at home and in our College breaks.- Kanti Vardhe
What makes India Waves best is you are original. Lakshmi talks straight and to the point. Keep making Waves.... - Veena Sardesai
Kudos Waves for your eye-opening interaction on IW Radio. You are the undisputed Leaders in Bay Area Broadcast. You can count on our support. Our friends and Families love you guys! - Jayesh and Sarita Mathur
Watching dating segment helped us communicate with our teenage daughter. Thank you India Waves for bringing this much needed understanding in our family. We hope it helped lot of families  second generation Indo-American Families who face dating problem. - Kawaljeet & Pamela.
It was awesome to watch on your program a special on dating. Wow! you are so perceptive. Your topic Dating: Taboo or Peer Pressure was a milestone in broadcast. We loved your youth debate and reason all aspects of Dating - Vasant Munshi
IWTV youth segments are a great service to our community. We admire your youth wing for their role model contributions in various fields. - Seema Goswami
India Waves is truly community pride and service - Kohrum
Now the point is that we go to watch movie because we simply love watching movies but not everybody does.  Some people go for company sake or pass time and will not put up with the behavior of the management and compromise to Watch movies on the DVD at home instead. I think people don't mind spending money so long they get same quality and treatment like any other american theaters.  When we are paying the same price of the ticket as others charge then expect same good customer service. In my opinion, the management/owner doesn't care ...Theaters owned by indian owners in the bay area have to make lot of changes in respect of delivering good customer services, quality of food served, health hazard issues, clean bathrooms, and ofcourse playing quality movies without compromising the benefits we are supposed to get after paying full price. I hope you understand the frustration we and public go through and can figure out why there is a low percentage of south asians going to theaters to watch Bollywood movies and compromise with other methods of watching movies on VHS or DVD even though they are also poor quality and pirated. We don't know the way out to receiving quality from indian theaters or vhs or CDs or DVDs. Its really sad. -Frustrated Indian Citizen
Over 1000 guest passes! Hey guys you do make Waves - Reena Solanki

Thank you for sending our family and friends 16 advance screening tickets to HIDALGO. Happy 10th. Anniversary. - Harpreet Kaur

India Waves is one of the best things in Bay area. Keep up your great standard. - Salima
We loved the indepth exclusive input on IW. Why 2% see movies in theater and Amitab tamasha in Dubai was an eye opener. Thank you for the research and enlightment. IW U guys are the best!!! - Vilas Mohile
Amitabh, it's about time you realize this is not a movie role. Get real Big B. - Sujata Lahoti
Amitabh does not deserve the humiliation after giving so much to Bollywood. Zee being a Media should be careful and learn to respect. - Rohan Khanna
It is interesting AB gets insulted. The blame game is played by Subash of Zee, Politician Amar Singh and Shahrikh. It is so obvious there is big conspiracy in Dubai-Are Bhai's(Dons) involved?
India Waves dropped bombshell over the tamasha between Amitabh, Amar Singh, Shahrukh Khan and Zee's Subash.- Leena Motwani

Amitabh is stuck up. Some of your listeners were right The Big B looks Tiny small bitching over petty matter. He could have been graceful that could have lived up to his reputation. - Sona Patel

India Waves is the only bold Indian Media that keeps objective, fair and balanced interaction on controversies. Great programming. Indian programming reach leap and bounds with Waves. Jeevan Mistry
What a hot show with hot hot topics. Anthony s right that he smells dead rat over the callous behavior of Organizers at the Zee Awards. Well, I hope you guys dont pick on Shahrukh. - Nisha Malam
Your breaking news interaction is a trend setter in broadcast. It was awesome see so many Indians give their opinions with open mind. Thank you for the scoop on Amitabh's insult at Zee Awards. You guys are the best!! - V Grover
Film Industry has done its best in bringing into light a lot of day to day happenings. Agar log mehasus kar ke bhi kutch gaur nahi karte fir yeh film wagera in logo se kya matlab. Film sirf ek namuna hai bhai is ko kya criticize kare. Just my opinion. Thank you - Pushpa
..only 2% South Asians watch Bollywood movies in theaters... Hey, I think cuz the dvds come out the same day, as the movies do in theaters. - KJ
Very few family film.-Nilima Wadhwa
Can't sit thru 3hours of nonsense. -Jehangir & Saba
Why go to theater when we have pirated in the same weekend? - Kuldeep Mehra
Traveling distance from SF to Fremont.- Munir Shah
Why dont you bust stores like Chicago. Bay area is open market for piracy.-SS

I have a suggestion to make you know maybe in your radio show or television show or your web site.  You can let people know when they can go and get the originally dvd out on India movies.  Maybe I have 1 minute segment where people can see the originally movie so people won't buy the pirated dvd. Maybe in your website have a link where can see if the movie.  This is just one of my suggestion.  I really like your radio and television show.  Just let me know if you like this suggestion. Maybe people won't buy pirated dvd if they see this on your show.  Is the originally dvd out for Kal ho Na Ho. Thanks - Puja Dhillon

Know when the originally India movie dvd is out. Because when you enter into big stores and you want to get that particular dvd you can't because you don't know if if it is an originally or pirated copy - Rohini Patil
Every shop is carrying pirated dvd. They threaten s take t r leave it. - Mumtaz Khan
Our family truly enjoys your beautiful program. Our kids relate to your youth wing. - Gajia Mukund
lasxmi and anthony-we enjoy your pogram. I luv u both. - Kishan
Just love your shows and not only that, the things you are doing for the South East Asian Community. Your channel is not just for great entertainment but also promotes fairness and opportunities for immigrants like us to reach India as well as make our presence felt here in the USA. I feel India Waves is an ambassador of Indians in USA and reaches out to millions promoting our great culture! Thanks and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! - Bhavesh Lakhani
What does it take to attend India Waves Event? Please count me in for your other events. We are a big group and would love to party with you guys. We watched all the fun on your broadcast. - Jadejas, Vijayant, Roop + Sly
you guys at india waves are doing a super job of developing youth leadership. -  Minakshi Patil
Good to see International channel rep on your program. We will be proud to see you go national. Go Indiawaves. - Supriya Gill
NO KIDDING! IWyw is brains and beauty...of course, great talent. - Jyotika, Simi & Nitin
The 7 personalities who got recognitions were outstanding. Hats off to iw for your genuine selections. All of them deserved. - Nilima Kumar
thank you india waves for providing platform to our youth. Laxmi the community owes it to you. keep prospering. - Anju Malik
Watched India Waves celebrating ten yrs. A blast celebration. congratulations! - H. Khatri
Lakshmi, lucky you you have a great family in your youth team. Keep it going! - Villas Sathe
I really enjoy your shows for the last few years, and have seen you evolve. - Amrit Mann
Way 2go IW for keeping entertainment at its best. - Jayant Vardhe
Lakshmi wishing you and your excellent team our best. May God continue to bless you in your noble pursuit! - Ranjit & Reema
We loved the opinions on your show for the 43 years old woman who became surrogate mom for her daughter. - Parveen Bhat
You guys keep bay area broadcast professional in our community. - Mann Singh
IWTV is a breed apart. Hey Lakshmi your hosting is original and your alluring smile is a winner all the way! - Jyoti Gulrajani

What a treat India Waves TV and your radio is intellectually stimulating. - Kalpana Vishwanathan

I came from East to West, India Waves you are the best - Kannu Shah
Laxmi you deserve the best for keeping our community connected. Our gratitude for a decade of blessings! - Rehana Khan

Your interaction on Can Grandma be a surrogate mom for daughter was mind blowing. You are fusion of musical & entertainment waves. - Meenakshi Rao

hi India waves.... i just want to say, that i always watch ur show... i really love it..- Dipa Rishi
I think your show is the only one program in Bay area that is well informed and literally involve in all aspect of social and community awareness of south Asian people and thier issues. The show is non-political, non-religious and very informative about today’s common issues, facing south Asian in Bay are and provide great entertainment every Saturday. We are so happy for you guys for completing 10 Great years and wish many more to come. Please keep up the great work. May God bless all of you with lots of success? - Baljeet/Shirley
Before I start, Wishing you a very happy new year. I am just back from India, So I missed wishing you guys. Just to update I just got married and my wife loves your show. (I would say only american thing till now she liked - SR

Anil Lal is a true community service role model. His true humanitarian service with CARE and Home of hope is a community pride.- Vilasni Khare

Our family is thankful to you for bringing sweetest memories of back home. - Sangha Family
I loved instant interaction from listeners on ur radio. My mom enjoyed the Lohri song by the other lady on ur radio. Live is lively! - Joy & mom
Anil Lal's interview on IW was enlightening. His Organization Home of Hope is truly a genuine nonprofit organization. Your interview revealed their accounting is open to public. They do real community service. They take care of hundreds of needy Indian children.- Yusuf Khalid
Hey India Waves! IWYW looks great! We have seen new members, Dipali and Vanessa making waves on separate screens on IW...My friends and I would love to see them together doing IW TOP 10! like u say Laxmi, "reach for the stars but keep ur feet on the ground"...well girls like Vanessa and Dipali on IW make it harder for us to do that! haha. You've done a great job so far girls..keep it comin  - Raj Vyas
Our Kids rarely watch Indian programs. Your programming with accent on youth motivates our kids. - Sameer and Nazia
Piracy is teaching families and kids to steal.- Vasu Rao
I read the ideal purposes of India Waves Youth Wing. Lakshmi deserves our good wishes in her crusade to make role models in our community. India Waves are good people! - Jay Mehra
India Waves is a treat both on TV and radio. Keep up the good work. love you guys:) - Sneha
India Waves celebrating 10 years is a pride for our community. Jyoti & Rohit

When we listen to India waves radio you give us the benefit of community panchayat. Our kids love your interactions. There is always so much to learn. - Khanna Family

Thank you for creating awareness on piracy. It reflects cheap mentality. We feel sorry for people who risk criminal charges. - Lekha Naidu
We agree with India waves that piracy is like selling and buying stolen property. Why will one be a felon for a DVD? - Rakesh Mann
Your instant quiz are so exciting. Your choice of questions speaks of your taste. - Sonu Gupta
We saw on your program the big bust on piracy stores. It is a shame for the community. Why stores are breaking laws and why customers are partners in crime? - Gurnam Singh
Why I love India Waves? Your radio is a  trend setter and your TV keeps making waves - Reema Khare
Your Youth team is on right track. Showcase talent and serve community with role models. - Raheja Family

India Waves is a "feel good" program - Shalini Goyal

You guys come up with fresh ideas with entertainment so much fun. - Raffi Suleman & Nooree
thank you for your slick programming. It is all about professionalism in your host. - Parveena Prasad
India Waves radio is a role model. Wish we had more professionals like you. Ritesh Modi
IWTV exclusive piracy raid coverage was enlightening. We agree with Lakshmi's advice on air " It's a wake up call for piracy business in bay area." - Trishna & Malik
India Waves is awesome every time! - Shakira

India Waves is awesome week after week. - Kajol Raheja

Why cant other nonprofit Indian organizations be like HOH. Financial Report open to public and fund raisers with donations. Our support will continue foe Home of Hope. - Mehras
I liked the nostalgia you evoked with your program today. thank you for the prize. - Anu
rocking India waves rocking youth group. - Janet Chavez

You guys are vocal. You guys serve the community combining entertainment  and awareness. - Ramila & Ketan Patel

Thank you for KHNH CD. You guys are fun! - Soni Lalva

I just wanted to say that you guys are the best, i don't even Have to drag my friends to come watch.  They saw it
Once and they were hooked.  They even asked me to Record it for them!  I love the way that India Waves is enjoyed by everyone, not just us. - Nadya
I am writing you for the first time. My wife and little son are your biggest fans. except once they never missed your progrm. thankyou for wonderful entertainment and program for family. Happy holidays to your India Waves team. - Raj khosla and family
Your interview with Ken of Eros movies was enlightening. good to know they have 70% of market share in theatres and DVD's. Waves is a program with a difference. - Jai Shah
India Waves Top 10 with Vanessa and Dhanesh was entertaining. Laxmi is true community service role model giving opportunities to youth all the time. - Sajal and Karan
Thank you for insight into LOC, KHNH, Munnabhai etc. For years we can trust your entertainment value in bay area. We would love to watch your shoot in bay area. - Preet
Your live radio is a great example of Indian community visibility in main stream. - Shakti Parekh
All our friends thank you for sending us to IMAX! - Henry Bordes
We agree with India Waves Awards for Best Film Munnabhai MBBS. Best Actreess Urmila for Pinjar and Best Actor Hritik Roshan for Koi Mil Gaya. No doubht Salman, Priti were second to none in 2004. - Samina Begum and family
Why i watch India Waves? You guys cover our college events. You support Bay Area Youth the Best. - Kirti Patel
Manisha and Sushmita are so funny in Paisa Vasool. Loved your presentation on Munnabhai MBBS.... - Sharif M.
Again, you guys are doing a great job of pulling the community together under the one 'healthy entertainment' umbrella. - SURESH SINHA
What a treat India Waves is on tv and radio. Love it  - Samir Khurrana
We love the way lakshmi speaks English, Hindi, Punjabi and even urdu....very talented. - Parwinder Multani
India Waves is the only Media in Bay area hat has the guts to reveal stories that affects our community. I wonder why Indian newspaper are callous? - Ravindra Varma
Eros CEO Mr. Naz was very informative. He is right the combination of Eros and India Waves team makes a world of difference in entertainment. - Roop and Savita Kumar
Your timely segment on illegal aliens was well analyzed by Attorney Mukesh Advani. Thank you for keeping our community well informed and connected. - Suhasini Thambe
By providing opportunity to our community youth- there is no doubt you deserve to be connected with our community. - Baldev Chhabra
Also, congrats on your show anniversary. I still remember the India impact shows that Anthony used to do. I think I even got some stuff recorded from those shows as well. But let me tell you, your show is more creative than those other ones with more variety than just bolly videos - Lakhvir
Hello India Waves, thank you for your great programs. - Umesh Raghav
Lakshmi has great sense of broadcast. She makes all of us proud of establishing a broadcast media for our community.  We salute India Waves entering tenth year..... - Jasmine and Vivek
We love instant prizes trivia on waves radio. Keep the excitement going - Ranveer
My daughter is only 8 but she wants to join your youth wing. can she? she watches you with gusto every Saturday - Shantaben
Our family takes pride in everything that stands fore free spirit in Bay Area. India Waves you make our honor list:)  - Harris Family
Lakshmi speaks with clarity. Her presentation has all the traits of a celebrity - Mike Haggerty
Wishing Lakshmi, Anthony, Dipika, Ruhee, Geeta and other youth wing happy 2004 - Mariam Shaikh
We heard Lakshmi talk about Harrison Ford and girl friend dine at Shalimar. We were not surprised the menu at Shalimar is a hit. We got hooked a year ago. Thanks to IW ads. - Suresh and Chandni
You give such a wonderful opportunity to youth on your program that makes lot of families believe in your crusade. Our prayers and good wishes to Lakshmi and her team - Dutta Family
Thank you for your favor. We enjoyed IMAX movie magic with your 16 guest passes. This Christmas India Waves is our Santa - Cathy & Sean
We missed you radio. We found out that KEST in San Francisco was in black out area. But let's tell you it affected our Sunday mood. Now we realize the power of Waves - Karim, Shabnam and little Sikander
We love the crisp hosting no-nonsense Bollywood programming with Hollywood capsule! - Jim Toby
Lakshmi's English-Hindi fusion is a rare distinction for bay area hosts. Keep the anchoring alluring we love it. - Dara and Veena
Your program is awesome. Young Indian Rapper PID was a treat. It is fun to see you guy giving youth the much deserved opportunity in world music - Reena Mathur
Guest whht? My name is also Nira like in movie but with "i". Thank you for YBS movie passes.   - Nira :)
Please increase your TV time. We love, love your programs. - Shalini Kanwar
I really like the entertainment you provide at India Waves Media.  Thank you. - Joanne Blair
I watch your show every sunday and listen to your radio because of all kinds of music and information you guys provide.well see your this sunday on india waves. - Marya Durrani
I enjoyed talking on your show today. Keep up the great work you have been doing in promoting our community causes. - Atty. Advani
Thank you for your great programing!. - Patricia Cuevas
India Waves Chills! LAXMI you are really the "Laxmi" who brings Indian movie Richness into Unlce Sam's world !! Great job!! Keep going!! - Swathi N Sanjay
I want to congratulate you on keeping the good job of introducing us to new topics every week. - Nishi Gianchandani
India waves is 'mazing! Free Movie at IMAX?!? U guys ROCK! I LOVE U!! - Jaydev
You gave away tickets to Lord of the Rings, passes to Young Black Stallion IMAX. May God keep you blessed. Happy Holidays! -  Glen and Martha Berney
We are glad you start india waves radio at 12:30pm and keep us wanting more when you say bye at 3pm:) -Kalpana Shori
That guy Dev is very creative in his opinions your radio. Our kids simply love you guys.-  Parmesh family
Your listeners gave very enlightening opinions on why people are flocking to see movies on Big screen? Giving new challenging topics every week makes Waves for Indian Broadcast - Krita Sunder
India Waves is like our family member. - Ray Varma
You giving away guest passes to see advance screening to Young Black Stallion at IMAX is a treat! Kudos to your professional programming. - Vithika Patel
Thank you for entertainment and the choice of guest passes to Hollywood and Bollywood movies. We loved your segment on why people flock to see movies on big screen. - Renuka
We always hear about head Radhika Sethi name in Citibank ads. Today we could relate to her with her voice. By the way our friends do have Citibank NRI account. Goody job waves! - Krishna Reddy
Good to know Attorney Mukesh Advani was the founder of South Asian Bar Association. India Waves is always entertaining and informative! - Dru Dattani
We appreciate your special on flu virus. Please give our special thanks to Dr. Ranjana Sharma. - Teja family
IW Radio was a blast today! So many interaction in two hours. You deserve to be called the power of the people. - Mustaq Mia
We watch India waves most of the times. We love your entertainment presentation. You surprised us with a special on Kamala. She is like us into Indian Food and Bollywood Ent. -Kelly and Glen
Kamala Harris on India Waves was a community pride - Ketan Patil
with SF District Attorney Kamala Harris on TV was the best coverage on TV. She got the personal and cultural aspect of Kamala that was very informative. Keep your great job ticking. - Rani Marwah
India Waves is a pride for Indians in bay area. We proudly recommend your program to our American friends and associates at work. Guess what couple of then prizes on your tv and website. Thank you India Waves - Sharmila Bhave
Gays and lesbians coming out of closet in bollywood movies was very well tackled by yourhosts Lakshmi and Anthony. Your listeners are very good in their intellect input. - Jyoti Dikshit
India Waves rocks! You guys have guts to break the ice. Discussing lebians and gays with frank interaction with listeners puts your program way ahead of others. India Waves is truly the leaders in broadcast. - Tina, Sameer, Ron, lucy and Foxy
Thank you for your informative interaction on your radio program. The controversial issue of gays & lesbians visibility in Indian movies is alarming. Your program deserves kudos for creating awareness. Bravo iw radio listeners for your bold and  honest opinions. -  Ganesh Parthasarathy
It is awesome you have given away over 112,000 guest passes in 9 years to Hollywood flicks. We are proud of this world record by our bay area India waves. Our best wishes - Rajat Sharma
We won tickets for Calendar girls. We had so much fun with friends. We never knew one could see Hollywood movies free. We got four from you upon request. It only happens on India Waves - Jay & Sunanda Patel

Thank you for your constant updates and surprise programming. Your host is very cordial. Keep on making ent. waves.... -Savita Murthy

You have been fostering indo-pak relation thru cultural and arts message. Keep up the good work of reminding all of us that we have same cultural and historical roots. - Noor Malik
We enjoyed Abida Parveen concert. Thanks to Mehta Bros. Special thanks to India Waves. You are the cut above the rest:) - Zaheeda and Family
Hi--I like India Waves because Lakshmi keeps my wife Anu entertained For an hour every weekend without fail!  Even I watch sometimes! - Paul
Thank you India waves for all the entertainment and prize opportunities. Jeevan and Smita
The main reason we are into India Waves programs is you keep your identity. Fresh, Creative, Cool! - Kimi
The way Lakshmi talks on TV and radio is very professional and entertaining. For years your program is a treat for all seasons. - Mohan Raja
Our family was thrilled to watch behind the scenes of Kal Ho Na Ho and launch of Line of Control. India Waves always gives us the latest in entertainment that matters. Good job Lakshmi. Virendra, Yogita, Chakita and Bunty.
India Waves pick the songs that one can relate to, your host keeps us focused. Thank you for great program. - Jeevan Zaveri
Can you please do your top ten more often. We kind of like you encouraging young talent. Your program is a breed apart! - Saini Family
Whenever India Waves is on there is excitement shared with all of us in our family. - Javed, Nishi, Tina, Zohrabegum
We saw Laksmi on Satellite TV. She makes Bay Area proud. - Kiki Patel
Thanksgiving program put spotlight on your popularity. We were very happy for Lakshmi & Anthony who got all the compliments they deserve. You can count both of us in your long list of admirers. Wishing you best always. - Rehman and Nusrat
Congrats for doing special extended programs on radio. This give more opportunity for many people like us who dont get the chance to talk to you on air. It is so much fun! - Jaspreet Kaur & Friends
Once again when you impressed our family by showing Glimpses of India Show by San Jose State on your program. You guys are the only one who really care about our youth. God bless. - Nakul Shah
Laxmi is the best. No put on accent. She speaks with confidence and clarity. - Rajendra and Nilu Bedi
This Ramzan & Thanksgiving is a great time to enjoy Big movies at Naz8. Thank you india Waves for updating and providing us best entertainment for years. Happy Thanksgiving:) - Rekha and Sanju
Hey guys,just wanted to say hello and I've been meaning to writing to you guys for sometime but did not make it till today, anyway just wanted to tell you both do such a great job and so much effort and energy you invest in your program every weekend both on TV and Radio program.   Good luck and keep it up now, Yes I do see you guys give away pretty good prizes too someday I maybe lucky winner too hah?  I am kidding I enjoy your program always and for past two or more years have been your faithful listener and admirer too.   Hey guys I will sign off here and all the best and  God bless you both and Happy holidays. Ramram and Namaste. - Pushpa
my non-indian room mates are slowly getting addicted to india waves and we. - Venu Reddy
What makes india waves non-stop entertaining program is your professional host Lakshmi. - Vanita & Jay
When you say entertainment waves you mean it! We are glad the best show india waves is produced in Bay Area. - Naresh Pandya
Hello,  The reason why I like india waves is because the show is very entertaining, it contains variety and it keeps you updated on almost everything. - Khan
Dear India Waves: Thank you for providing such a great show with keeping the audience tuned every Saturday morning. The host seems really nice and energetic. - S.Khan
My name is Roshni and I am a 10 year old girl living in Alameda, California.   I watch your show with my mother every Saturday.   I like your show a lot and specially the way you present it.Living in America and watching Indian movies brings my mother closer to our culture from India.   I am learning Hindi and our culture through some fine movies from India like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.  It is surprising to see how my American friends are now a days interested to see Indian movies.   We have watched quite a few Hindi movies together. - Roshni Advani
I listen your radio program every week and also I watch the TV show its really good. - A. Sharma
WOW! Iiwtv on 11/15 was awesome. U R DA BEST! -Shrin Malik
you arte really great. we enjoyed for years top ten with best anchor lakshmi, then your youth wing taltents dipika,ruhee, vanessa and today geeta and roma. your entertain and do serve the community shocasing our talented youth. - Vaibhav & Smriti
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for the price I won through your radio program. I went to see film bhagban. I enjoyed this family movie a lot, learnt a lot & appreciated it a lot at the same time, A big thank you from my family & me.-Keep up the good work. May God bless you all richly. Will keep in touch. PUSHPA
Your topic should Pakistan lift ban on Bollywood films was enlightening. The interaction on controversial Indira Gandhi film. Manisha should be applauded for her artistic contribution. - Rohan Reddy
We are delighted and find Lakshmi, a honest host who shoots straight! -  Bhupesh and friends
Line of Control looks good based on 1999 kargil war. You are right Lakshmi just about all of Bollywood stars. - Krita Gopichandani
Our family loves your creative presentation on tv. Thank you for the movie passes. WE LOVE YOU! - Abrahams
Dear Anthony and Laxmi, I have been listening to your live radio for years. You two are a great team and doing a great service to our community. Keep up the good work. - Ranjan Vasishth
Intercollegiate talent showcase on IWTV was a treat. Indian students from Cal State Hayward, UC Berkeley and Santa Clara university deserve kudos for retaining our Indian culture. Please give our compliments to India Waves youth wing, Dipika, Dhanesh and Shreena.You guys are great support to our community. - Bharat and Malini Patel
We were blown away with your interaction- why single Bollywood women end up with Married Men. - Sujata Kher
We love the way you encourage youth. Your India Waves Youth Wing is a good example for our kids and community. India Waves sure does care, we love you. - Pallavi and Mayank
India Waves appeals to our family. It provides us with good reason to discuss over breakfast and lunch table. Good show and we wish you continued success. - Jai, Sunita, Vicky, Karan and Vimla
May the New Year be filled with love, laughter and prosperity for both of you.   I know that our lives are always filled with love, laughter and prosperity since we listen every weekend to your program and bring "Laxmi" into our lives? - Sarita
India Waves crusade to unite the community with diwali-ramzan-halloween theme is very commendable. Todays overwhelming response by your listeners was a big boost for unity theme! - Javed Ahmed
Wish you could give us more than one hour of tv. You leave us wanting more. - Karan and Asha Mallik
Your TV program is to the point and entertaining. Your anchor does not beat around the bush. - Rajiv
Thanks again for keeping us busy with your informative show full of social events and upcoming movies. - NS
I've been watching India waves since the mid 90's and even though I don't know the language that well being american and all I love it! My wife is from Burma and we go there alot. Indian movies are very popular over there in theaters and TV. I love wathing India waves for the music and enregetic dancing! I'm happy to see your program still going strong!     Long time fan first time E-mailer. - Glen Defevere
It was fascinating to see on your tv the music release of out of control on a flight from bombay to delhi. Bollywood has come a long way.Thank you india waves for entetaining us every week for years. - Carrol Johnson
Your interactive radio is a matter of pride for our community. Your fresh topics are food for thought!-  Mala Chakrapani
Hello Laxmi and Anthony, Love your show! My little cousin is visiting from India, and I figured it would be delightful to take her to see a movie which provides good, clean, family-fun entertainment.Best,  - Anu Saxena
Thank you for providing with great source of Information on bollywood and Indian media in general. I enjoy watching your show every Saturday morning and once in a while I try to catch the radio show. You guys make a great team and keep us audience tuned in.  - I K
Raveena with Akhshay in Police Force and with Govinda in Hum Do Hamara Ek. Your program has so much variety plus specials on KHNH, LOC, TEHZEEB, and WAISA BHI HOTA HAIN ETC. INDIA WAVES U R AWESOME:) -  Sunita and Tina
IWTV segments on pinjar and out of control were informative and visual delights well presented by your host. - Rahul
Lakshmi is an anchor with difference. Her presentation is a combination of knowledge and substance Be it song, music video or movie comments. -  Neha Bhalla
You guys make waves with professional programming. Go go keep going india waves. - Sukhpal Singh
Your listeners sure are intellects with educational views on your great topic of celebrating and observing diwali, ramadaan and halloween. It's worth listening to your entertaining and informative radio. - Mira Lalwani
India Waves is a very sincere program that reflects on radio and tv. - Girish Nai
u guys are the veryyyy best, kepp up the fantastic work on the show...I LOVEEEEEE UUUUUUUU BYEEE!!! - Ash M.
It is itself is an opportunity to listen to India Waves Radio. On top of it it is a win win situation when I heard my name as winner. - John Rojanala
You have an awesome show...keep up the good work...just one suggestion -- make it a 24 hour FM station Indian programming!! - Asim Mehta
Waves TV is variety in true sense. Your host makes it happen. - Gurbaksh Singh
Quality program with Quality production draws you our top ratings. - Shehnaz Khan
Lovely Lakshmi's dialogue delivery is artistic Her style and dress sense is well appreciated. - Rohan and Mansi
Lakshmi week after week for nine years providing us entertainment is a good role model for the talents in our community. We are proud you produce IWTV in bay area.Keep up your dedication. Your service makes beautiful bay area beautiful! - Nikkat Shaikh
Your interaction on immigrant governor elect arnold, plus is it too late or about time for amitabh to launch his son in ranveer was indeed food for thought. What more can one ask with fusion of bollywood hit music and instant fun questions! your radio sure does make waves. - Jaslok, Arminder and Guddi
You guys pick right songs, right music videos with sign of times. Iwtv makes watching tv fun. - Mona Kumar
Keep Up The Good Work!!!! - Rinu Singh
Our family watches Indiawaves together every Saturday. Thank you for your great shows. - Bansals
You keep your program slick, pleasant host providing entertainment with a difference. - Jogi Behl
your instant quiz is a real treat on radio. - Parvati Mohle
We love how a film is advertised on india waves. Thank you for keeping us updated. - Revathi Mudliar
Our family enjoys breakfast with india waves every saturday. Wish your team can join us someday. - Sonu, Mohan, Kajal, Bansri Tripathi
Thank you so much, you are the best on the Radio and off the air. - Sattar Hussein
We like the way Lakshmi talks on tv that we can relate to. Great way of expression & story in her speech.-Bhushan & Ramila
I am a great fan of your program and I never miss it. You guy's always bring hot news from Bollywood. Believe me its really fun listening your program. Anyway thanks for selecting me as winner.
I could just ramble on about how you are doing a great job and to "keep it up!" but it's not just that.  Your show makes me feel proud about my heritage and life. I feel special each time I watch it.  Love you all! N. Agarwal
Today's program was interesting because of several types of questions. Pushpa P.
You are giving an awesome 2-hr entertainment! - Natarajan Sethuram
Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity It was great talking to you on your show (Oct, 5) about Lata Mangeshkar/DevAnand/(H)rishikesh.   Thanks for giving me a prize. - Ramandeep Kaur
I have NEVER heard of any program giving away prizes to EVERYONE. U r 2 cool! - Vinayak
Hi Anthony, Our family just moved to West Coast. I called your program on Sunday to give my opinion on your topic for Lata Didi. I was surprised to be an instant winner for the tickets. Thank you. I want to compliment your kind gesture & boldness of doing live programming on radio. I understand you are the only one who does live program and both of you are doing excellent job. I have especially enjoyed your program on jaywalking issue. Excellent community awareness. Thankyou for your time in reading this email. Regards, - Jayant and Gauri Kalra
Please keep the prizes going. We can't resist your free offer with entertainment wave. - Mastan Shaikh
Over the years you providing opportunity and platform to youth on tv is good way to care about our community - Leila Mistri
India Waves TV and Radio is a deadly combo for breakfast and lunch! - Sandhya Mathur
Wow! Elf, Texas chainsaw massacare, Bhagban and Khel tickets giveaway speaks the greatness of waves entertainment. Jimmy Balani
Thank you india waves for your treat that our family enjoys. RASOOL & ABIDA

Greetings to Indiawaves Team. Keep up the good work. - Sethu

Your programme is awesome.  Keep it up. - Natarajan
You both are doing a great job in serving our community with entertaining & interactive program. Hats off to India Waves!! - Urvashi Chopra
Your top 10 is great. Both Dipika and Vanessa make  me and my friends love you guys more. - Shefali and friends
Thank you for not putting artificial and uninteresting hosts like others. We never change channel, India Waves is our program. - Vasi family
Your special on bagbhan, khel, khakhee, tehzeeb was a blast today. Lakshmi no doubht you are the best. you are ravishing, keep the up the spirit of excitment! Your new talent  Vanessa very good doing top 10. India waves best anytime! - Sudhir Shah
Bollywood and Hollywood guest passes on India waves is a joy. We love you guys. - James Goodson
I go for india waves for many many good reasons. Thanks Lakasmi for providing a great program. - Shakil
We good see your great programming making waves with fantastic production week after week. we in bay area are proud of you. - Gulu, Sona, Smiley and Ben
Lakshmi you are simply serene and delight. You make our day. - Rajan and Swetha
Bay area's best is India waves. Our kids grew up with your fine programs. My daughter wants to be like Laxami. - Nigar Begum
My husband and me watch India Waves religiously. The best part is the excitement and energy in your program. Way to go India Waves. - Niranjana & Gopala Nathan
Our two daughters want to join your youth wing. Thank you Lakshmi for encouraging youth and supporting our Indian society. - Rima and Gul Tandon
Love your giveaways for Bollywood and hollywood films. My kids are excited for Elf movie. - Rohan Das
We cannot wait to win Baghban passes on your radio program. - Geeta & Ranjan
Thank you for posting community calendar on your community page. - Mangala Deshmukh
Your links on Aclu and legal aid will assist people like us who cannot afford attorney fees in this recession. - Kate Graham
Your information on South Asian Bar Association is a great way to community awareness Shakeela Banoo
Lakshmi is the most original host. We wish her and india waves team many many happy diwali, Id and Christmas. Sumeet Mantri
We loved your review of Shalimar Restaurants and we continue to enjoy tasty foods. How about a cooking segment on your show? Trishna Goswamy
Your website is informative. Thanks for community and youth services. Komal S.
India Waves cares lfor our community. We never bothered to listen to desi radio. You definately are ahead in leaps and bounds  Manpreet kaur
Love your tv. good job. SOMI RAZDAN
WHY DO YOU LIKE INDIA WAVES? ..... because it take me little closer to Indian Culture NANIMA
Dearest Lakshmi and Anthony!  I just dropped by to say Thank You so much for the ticket and that I love you guys' show and I listen to it all the time! Keep up the good work! LOVE YOU! Sincerely - FAIZA KHAN
Asha Bhosle is indeed a super performer! Best to Waves. - Lalit
I like India Wave TV and Radio Program. I am constant watcher of both the program. My week-end starts with India Wave songs and Cup of Masala tea. I make sure that I am driving between 1 and 2 on sunday afternoon. Today my wife wanted me to come with her for sopping, I told her better u go let me enjoy India Waves program. Good show. - Anil S. Ranka
Your debate on arranged marriage and dating on iwtv and radio are great segments. Let's hear the latest views this time. waves, waves, waves we feel good about you - jogi, trish, sohan, charan
india waves is a fmly program. - AKHTAR
inDIA wAVes is wave of bollywood entertainment. - PRAVESH SHAH
India Waves Youth Wing have great talent. IWTV u r the best. - Janaki Grover
Keep discussing on radio. Bhagbaan and Zammen topics were enlightening  - Baldev
Way 2 go waves! - Meena Behl
Your movietime is a cultural feast. - Liz
What makes india waves fun is your host. Lakshmi is fantastic! - Rosa Martinez
I can't believe i won on your radio. Thanks. - Smita
IWTV on saturday was a blast. We love the variety you give us week after week. Keep the waves entertainment storming. - Vijay Bihari
Surely you know how the popularity and enjoyment of Bollywood films is spreading among the non-Asian population of the Bay Area and San Francisco.  As well as the explosion of wonderful new Indian restaurants here in the city.  Please allow me to add my appreciation for your interesting programs and music. I look forward to the films every Sunday night.  A good job well done!...I'm a teacher and actually it was my Indian students that turned me on to your programming.  They love it and it is very important to them. - Tom Collins
your radio is full of energy. vibrant hosts. no wonder you are the power of the people - keshav and ramila
Hey Lakshmi, you look cool!!!! Keep making waves. - Kalpana Wadhwan
Your programming is simply sensational. It's a delight to watch India waves every week. - Babita Goyal
Lovely lakshmi looks and sounds for real! - Devenrdra Kohli
May God bless Laxmi for starting Indiawaves with a purpose to serve the community with great entertainment. - Sumeet Shah
What we love is you are always on the move. Your exciting programming and super anchoring is a pride in America. India waves kisise kum nahin! - Sohail Mirza
I like your TV show very much now evan we can watch Indian movies in PRIME TIME which is on Sunday night. It is fantastic. -Naresh & Jigna Doshi
Good your radio is not selling tons of boring advertisement keep the quality going. - Janak Malkani
You have lots of Pakistani viewers. It would be nice to provide platform for Pakistani organization. barkhat
We love new topics for interaction on indiawaves. we are following you for years and bay area community appreciates your programs. kasi
India radio program offers education to broadcasters who sound like talking to themselves. Gina and Rahul
Why there is a so much discrepancy between your radio program and others on KEST? WELL, THAT'S WERE YOU DRAW A LINE AS PROFESSIONALS. - Sukhi lal
India waves providing platform to youth is leadership in broadcasting. please compliment IWYW for being role models in our community - Suresh Kotari
Your programming is trendy. you really know the art of excitement on Indian program. - Ravi Nambiar
India waves anchor Llakshmi is a professional. her style relates to viewers expectations. we proudly refer India waves to our non-Indian friends! - Javed Shaikh
I wanted to say that by chance I came across your IW Movietime broadcast on 9/21 and enjoyed it immensely! Thank you for your time, and most importantly, thanks for bringing Bollywood to the Bay Area airwaves!- Andis
I think India waves is the only program which gives 100% entertainment for 1 complete hour. There is no doubt that is the best program available for Indians on a week end. - Raghu of the ideal places where I can see almost everything I want...keeps me "interested and satisfied"... - Anand G Chennira
India Waves has prompted other INdian programs to update their programming rather than bore the user with the same stale programs. - Vinayak Gadkari
I would like to watch Indian Waves Program to be updated with Indian cinema and entertainment, I love it I look forward that hour every week end. - Purnachandra Kotha
Because thats the only program that touches my heart, moves my soul and helps me remain connected to my Watan. Anywhere. - Sanjeev Kr. is a awesome source of getting information on new movies, entertainment, and local Indian cultural events. - Kamini Sandhu
I watch India Waves for the variety of programming it offers: the songs, previews, interviews, and local community events and info. - Ram
India Waves is a great way to wake up on Saturday morning. - Chethan Ramachandran
I wait eagerly to watch the programme as it brings me so much closer to home... - Vidya... keeps me in touch with India and my ever loving industry Bollywood. I like your behind the scenes coverage of movies, interviews, and Lakshmi's compering. -  Mani Ram
India Waves is a great programme as it gives us the opportunity to keep in touch with our culture, films and art! - Dhanshree Pawar
I watch India Waves because it is very Entertaining. Thank very much for playing Tamil songs on your program. - Rajan Dorairaj
Please congratulate your youth team for the outstanding talents they showcase on india waves. - FreeBIRD
India Waves TV is slick programming for viewers who crave for entertainment - Asha Kelkar
How about india waves program putting a new program on saturdays so we can stay tuned to KEST.  -Rohit Marwah
Do people know they can down load any song on internet.  India Waves radio is a breed apart in programming. - Suresh Chand
Your live radio is exciting. We love to hear opinions from your lively listeners. - Fatimajaan
India Waves Radio is an ideal icon for indian programs. Keep up your Herculean spirits Lakshmi and Anthony. - Sunita Rao
Your India Waves TV and Radio has contributed to india and indian immigrants image in bay area. - Sulekha Mahajan
Your bold exposure of fremont police and global awards is a great community service. Wake up Indian Newspapers. - Rohit Wadhwa
We thank you for making our saturdays and sundays fundays! - Jeevan Seth
Watching Bollywood films is a favor to our family and friends. Thank you India Waves. - James Hunt
India Waves Movietime makes our sunday dinners very very specially. Our family shares nostalgia with our beautiful kids Reema and Alok. We love you india waves.-Jasbir Singh
India Waves is different..... absolutely different plus it carries a dream  and that is the reason I love it....... - Gulshan
Thanks a lot for providing us the plateform to raise our voices against all th problem in this foreign soil. Really Apprecate it.  - S Ranka
I am one of your biggest fin!I loves your show. I never missed any of your weekend shows. I am so happy and excite that India's Waves plays movie at sunday night.... thanks for having a sunday night movies!!!! -Nazia Shah
I just want to tell you that you guys are great. You guys dedication is so appreciated and it's a wonderful gift to the community. You guys are so committed to our community thru radio and tv programs. I listen you everytime I am in the car and I click on the radio before I start the car. I especially like your program because it is not only songs but a voice of true dedication that expresses how much you care about the voice of Indian community and you follow thru with your true hearts. I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" and keep up the excellent job you guys are doing. - Kiran
Lakshmi and Anthony we love you and you rock. keep on doing what your doing. We Love You. - Nikansha
I just wanted to let you know that I watched the India Waves movie at 8PM on Sunday 9/14 and I enjoyed your program very much. I hope India Waves team will continue to provide us with the great quality programs. Thank you for doing such a wonderful Job. I enjoy watching India Waves and it is so nice to see that you have extended the air time for the viewers. Keep up the good work!!! You are the BEST!!!!  - Baldeo & Ranjit Singh
Indeed it was refreshing to watch Jab Jab Phool Khile on india waves sunday. It brought lot of sweet memories. Thank you for providing us with all kinds of indian entertainment. -Geeta  
You show movies on sunday nites. mucho gusto...-  maria hernandez
we fREaked out watching movie from india. yur sat program has awesome dancing and music. -frank Berny
Your music videos are good picks! - Nanda Khera
What makes india waves outstanding is Laxmi. She is one anchor in bay area with her own inimitable style! Her command over hindi and english is superb. - Raju Moorjani
India Waves is fresh and unpredictable except for giveaways - Riyaz
I am from afghanistan. i love india waves every week. before i watch indian movies in pakistan before i come to america. you are good. - Kamaal Omar
I want to be like lakshmi please help!  kusum choudhry
We are from Cape Town we love Indian Music for years your program is best in giving good choice of music and dancing   Nayyar Family
We see your program for 9 years now our daughter is 7 she likes to dance when you play goody goody music. - Smita and Tarun
What makes Indiawaves #1 is that our family can watch it together. - Dutta's
I like to watch India Waves before I go to watch movies at NAZ. - Shalini Maduraiswamy
Your live shows  interviews  songs are fantastic. - Sheroo
I tape india waves so i can see again when i want entertainment with friends. - Rohini Mathur
What i like best is lovely Lakshmi.  Gaurav

india waves live radio is not boring like other dull indian radio programs. you guys have energy that makes the program lovely. - RukHsar

You give less commercial more entertainment your anchor is slick.  - Warren Thomas
Today's program was a blast. My friends loved behind the scenes of KNK. Your new style in program is appreciated. - Preeti
We always enjoy the variety in entertainment on your programs. You do care about our south Asian community. Go waves...Go!! - reena merchant
I am not an indian but I am married to one. Your programming especially tv is a visual delight every week. We really like Laxsmi. - Richard Harris
Just love your show.... u guys are coooool. tx - mini jhulka
Laxmi,  I love India WAVES because you have so much energy and help me wake up early every Saturday morning.  Sometimes my Mom comes to my room if I am not waking up and just puts your show on tv and leaves the room. I don't know how I am going to fall asleep after you start having your show air on Sunday nights.  You have to much energy man. - Sabrina Aujla
Wow!! we are excited about your two hours program on sunday. Now we get to enjoy India Waves on Sat & Sun  - Bakshi family
East is East, West is West! 2 me, India Waves is da Best!! - Top Fijian announced on your radio that you are adding more india waves programs. We wish you good luck. keep up the good work. - Mohan Tripathi
India Waves is the only show which shows snippets from live shows in India. I love that. Thanks.-Saroj Agarwal
I just wanted to let you know that I am OBSESSED with your show. I watch it EVERY SINGLE Saturday.  I have only missed it once, but don't worry I recorded it so I could watch it later.  I think that you guys are doing an awsome job.  I love how your interviews are done with the coolest stars ever and your coverage of all the concerts is GREAT. You guys are truly the best.  My dream is to be like you Lakshmi.  I want to be a host of my own Indian show sometime too!  Maybe I can interview you!  I think you are so pretty and smart and your are great at what you do. Your #1 fan. - Rachna Malani
Lakshmi, my whole family loves India Waves so much that we feel like you are part of our family.-RV

love the host!  She smart and pretty!  I won one of your contests earlier. Anyway it's like she controls me with her beautiful voice.  Indiawaves is never boring with her as host because she adds her own little spunk to everything!  I don't really care about winning so much, but I wanted to ask if you could promote me for acting in the Harry Potter movies!  I'm 12 and am an amazing actress! - bharti

Your interview with the HIV infected girl is a bold step in indian media coverage. - Ravi Srinivasan
We enjoyed Green card fever coverage on INdia Waves TV. Before that we had enjoyed Main Prem KDH premier at Naz8 theater. Glad you give chance to the youth. - Reema Jain
My little daughter loved your radio segment on BACK TO SCHOOL. Now she wants to compliment her teacher. - Meenakshi Kumar
We wait weekends only for India Waves. A show meant only for NRI Braves. Lakshmi brings that kind of Masti
Jo parthi hai hum ko bahut Sasti. Kudos to Lashmi and Team. - Ripu Daman
the show brings the community, and also familes together,  india waves has always given young and old people a chance o show there talent in star search...the hosts laxshmi is wonderful i am not bragging or buttering but  the way she talks to people and the way u see heron camera she is not mena or anything and i think to have a great show u have to have a great hosts, these are the reasons i love india waves and so does my family. - Ashmeeta Maharaj
I like India waves because it is so lively and I like the way how Lakshmi expresses with her hands while talking......... - vanaja
We happen to be n beautiful San Jose for a brief summer vacation. We were fascinated by India Waves TV and Radio programs. We wish we had your kind of programs in New York. Our compliments to your entire team especially you, Lakshmi! Keep up the Great work! - Renu Singh
Why I. Like India Waves? There are lots of good reasons. IW has distinctive in style. Your programs are not only Entertaining but informative as well. Your focus on Youth is a matter of pride for our community! - Vithal Sathe
There is always something to talk about among friends after watching & listening to india waves tv radio. Keep the topic in live radio hot! - Shobha Subramaniam
We look forward to saturdays india waves tv on and sunday radio . We are glad you are from our bay area and produce india waves in bay area. No wonder you care about us! Keep up the good work-MohanBabu
I am not an INdian but i visit your beautiful country every saturdyay watching ur show. - tom
Laxshmi is one of the very few hosts on television who interacts with confidence and professionalism. Her natural beauty compliments india waves. - Soniya Dev
adab, yu to kaee program hai lekin india waves ka andaz alag hai.-Hanif Jafreen

we were shocked to see on india waves tv the plight of HIV affecting a south asian girl. Her interview posted on your website is truly an eye opener. Thank you india waves for informing and educating us on youth problems. - Mangala Pednekar

India Waves live radio is a role model for indian program broadcast in USA. - Leena Salvi
Kudos India waves team. Thank your for entertaining us! - Rama Ganeshan
India waves tv is Saturday mornings breakfast treat for our family. we try not to miss it. good luck. - Kapur family nitu, chinni, jinda & pinki
We admire India waves providing platform for youth. IW youth wing is a great community service.-Neeru Desai
India Waves is the perfect way to start the weekend with an hour of entertainment on a Staurday morning. We always watch it while having our morning tea updating ourselves with the latest in Bollywood. keep it up!  Our 3.5 year old daughter loves the program and is always ready to dance to the tunes of these songs.- Madhuri
I like India waves because you are a good combination of entertainment for both "indians" and "americans," making the show perfect for "Indo-Americans." I think you show a wide variety of music videos and have great giveaways. Also, your movie reviews are terrific! In a country where many are having identity crises, your show helps people understand their heritage, giving them a better sense of who they are. - Swetha Kowsik
India Waves is a breath of fresh air every weekend when after a long hectic week of working... Me and my husband watch this program every Saturday morning, and in case we are not at home over the weekend we make sure to record this program so that we could watch it when we come back. - Meena
It is different from every other Hindi show. You can win lots of prizes. It has a lot of information about Bollywood so it keeps my family and I updated. INDIA WAVES ROCKS! - Bhavnesh
I accidently came across the show about a year ago and it opened up a new world of movies and music for me. I even tape the show so i can watch it after work on saturdays.  I tell as many people as i can about your show and I hope you know that you have a good amount of non-indian viewers out there. You do a great job! ...Thank You - Stacy Michalek
India Waves gives desis an opportunity to get in touch with their desi side.People just want to enjoy their Saturday mornings. India Waves makes Saturday mornings fun and entertaining in total DESI style. - Nima George
continue to amaze the bay area with your wonderful program- INDIA WAVES... - i love you guys both - PRIYA
This really is the only thing that can get me out of bed on Saturday mornings. No matter how late I slept on Friday, I am sure to wake up to the tune of my favorite songs playing on India Waves. For a BIG Hindi movie and music fan like me, India Waves has become an addiction. Where else would I see the trailers of the movies coming up? Where else would I see the US version of my favorite Chitrahar program in India? I am frankly a relatively new viewer, but I am certainly going to be a lifelong viewer now! Keep up the great work you guys.......- Sachin
a personable entertainment packed show that cannot be seen on anywhere else.. always expect the unexpected and not feel that you have wasted your loyalty to the show dates back from the days of its inception and keeps growing over the years like a good wine - Rachna Moorjaney
..firstly i have just arrived here four months ago and i miss my indian movies songs and above all i miss india alot so this show some how joins to india for sometime i forget everything when i m watching it. it makes us familier with the new coming songs and movies in india.i like it very much. may your show has a long-long life. - Swati Mittal
India waves offers a wide variety of entertainment and information, sutiable for the whole family. - Deepti Nahar
"It gets me a front row seat into Bollywood, week after week after week". -Bhavana Kamath
Thanks for hosting such a wonderful show. - Sunil S Ranka
I was introduced to India Waves while flipping TV channels several years ago. i was impressed by the selection of good songs & contents of the TV presentation in the show. Since then, I have been occasionly listening India Waves on radio. I like your bringing up discussions on social topic and free giveaways. Also, the youthfulness and energy in the hosts' voice is very refreshing. Good luck India Waves!! - RKumar
I really enjoy your radio and tv shows a lot. - Rinesh Padarath
love ur show. keep up the good work. - sunil prabhakar
I really like INDIA WAVES due its simplicity, wide coverage of  Issues, local events and the talented hosts. It brought lots of Bay area Indians together and let them share their views on air. I wish Bay area to have a dedicated INDIAN TV channel as well as a radio station and hope INDIA WAVES tries to work on these lines. - Nag
It is versatile and unique and it is not monotones like some other shows. And it is unpredictable that is why people like me would watch it every saturday. - Niteen Vaidya
well i liKe india waves because it has a lot of information and a lot of variety of indian songs and videos and eventhouhg i am not indian i am guatemalan i liKe to learn more of indian culture I am Gabriela Castillo
I like India waves because it keeps me in touch with people from all walks of life from the Indian sub-continent. Apart from the usual "naach gaana" in Indian movies, we also get to see what's happening in our south asian communities. It's great to see you encouraging our youth on the creative scene. - Muneerah
I think IndiaWaves is the only TV show that shows my kinda music. Me and my friends like to watch the STAR SHOWS that you air on TV. Good job Laxmi, you are so cool.. - Rekha
India Waves brings the best of Bollywood and Hollywood. It keeps us updated from the latest spicey news and events. Kudos to Lakshmi and India Waves team for such a splendid work. - Rajesh Vohra
 I also love to listen and see other people who aren't Indian enjoy the movies and songs with us.  And the name is just awesome, because first of all we have an ocean named after us, waves, and if you think about it India is very important.  I mean look at the americans most of the are related to Aryans. Ancestors!  To some it all up IndiaWaves help me learn more about myself!  This is why I love IndiaWaves! - N.  Agrawal

I like INDIA WAVES for a lot of reasons: 1) The programs which air over the weekend are highly entertaining, covering all the happenings in Bollywood, as well as presently which stars in are on tour in the USA. 2) It promotes talent by holding various beauty pagents and other events which brings the whole south Asian community together. 3) It holds screenings of various movies, events where the viewers have chances of winning fabulous prices. - Sanjay Bhatia

 I personally feel India waves is a fantastic show which keeps the people of the bay area in touch with what happening in bollywood along with the special events in the bay area....india waves in my opinion is a very different show because it doesn't just play movie songs but also shows the people things like interview of their favorite stars and i myself look forward to watch the concerts or the coverage of the mela's which take place in the bay area and sometimes I'm unable to go and i actually get a chance to see what was going on......and i love watching the b4u India waves star search and..... that's what different about India waves showing a variety of things on their show u guys are able to attract bigger and better audiences...and India waves radio is also a great addition to the show because people are interested to listening to music on the radio and they  get a chance to listen to Indian music and listen to lukshmi and Anthony besides watching them on t.v . and i also feel it's great that on your website you are always doing something very creative like giving out prizes and getting peoples opinion on what they think!  well thanks for taking time out and reading about what i thought.- Simi kaur dhariwal
the first thing that i like abt. india waves is that it keep us connected to our indian culture. gives the oppourtunity to kids,adults, teengers to show off their talent byt organizing STAR SEARCH. thirdly....itz alwayz up to date...meaning that it doens't show re-run. showz all of the dances, competations, dances that happens in bay area.... - Mandeep Kaur
Hi Lakshmi and Anthony, I love your show and I watch it every week because it has so much variety.  Your show covers all types of different issues such as old and new film songs, interviews, current events, controversial topics, etc, etc.  Other shows are so predictable while yours has something new every week.  The same can be said about your radio show because it always covers an interesting new topic every week.  The best part about both your tv and radio show is that you are the only Indian program that gives the opportunity to the viewers to give their opinions every week.  Also, the new international variety show that started a few months ago is also so unique because it is a blend of many cultures so it gives us Indians a chance to see the songs of other countries.  Keep up the good work! - Anita Patel guys are doing a great job... ..your show is entertaining and it doesnt get boring and the whole family could watch it together... you guys have fun activities that viewers can participate in like polls, opinions, contests and so on...your radio station is also fun to listen too because not only do you share your opinion but people get to tell you guys their own opinion and you guys dont discourage that... also when the program ends you go and turn on your t.v and theres lakshmi again... i dot really watch any other india shows because i get bored but i never miss india waves even though i have to be at work by 11. - Sukie Nijjer
India wave is the best indian channel in America and has the latest gossips and the best radio station where you can here your favorite song india wave is the best out of all the indian channels and that what i like i mean love about it. - asheeta
it is the best becuase they tell you all the new movies that are comeing out and they even show the songs. i really enjoy wathcing india waves. India waves has alot of other things like everything about movies they even show you old songs  which i enjoy - pawandeep aujla
Hello Anthony and Laxmi, .  I really enjoy your radio and tv shows a lot.  I look forward to talking and meeeting you both someday.  Take care.  Keep up  the good work.  God Bless. - rinesh padarath
Go for it INDIA WAVES!!  U ARE THE BEST!!!!! - rk
My name is pinar.I'm Turkish and i live in Ýstanbul.I'm 31 years old.I want contact Salman Khan just for say I LOVE YOU.
anthony i love you're  tv and radio show i always listen and watch ! i like lakhaxmi on the tv & radio she is doin a good job you are too. thank's - sunita singh
I like India Waves because "It gets me closer to home" - Ajith Kamath
I like to watch India Waves because it keep me updated on the current bollywood and news events in India.  It is definately the undisputed champion in the india media in the US. - Neets Chopra

India Waves is the best Indian program. Gives us the IN news always! - Anjali

Hi my name is Rabell and I like india waves because it always shows what new movies are coming out. I also like it because of the new songs they show.

India Waves if fun, cool and IN with everything INDIAN! - Pooja
 i like india waves because it gives me a chance  to get in touch with the indian side of me.. being born and raised in america i have not been around a lot of indian culture  and would know nothing about it if it wasn't for india waves i get to keep in touch with the music and movies of the indian culture not only that i also appreciate india waves because it is pact with fun family entertainment which you can seat with the  whole family and watch. other things india waves brings into our living room are the wonderful indian festivals, mela, performances, and so on happening right here in our bay area. so if you don't have a chance to get to them it is brought to u by the cast of India waves. that is why i like India waves there is a lot more that i like about the show but these are the basic things that i look forward to every week at 10 o'clock. the show is relaxing and interesting it keeps me updated and informed about what is happening with the indian community in america that is why i think this show is the best show and i try never miss a weekend of it.i don't know what i would do without india waves. i know there are other indian programs also availible but they don't have everything india waves has to offer because india waves also gets in touch with the western side and shows you the mix which is something i like  to seen because we  are a mix of indian and american. well thank you india waves for bringing the best and working so hard to bring us entertainment.  - Smita Kumar
Hi Lakshmi: love your show.... and the life u bring to it.  It is so different from all the routine shows - namaste america and showbiz.... i found it easy to transition from the mundane stuff they put on their shows to your energetic style and stuff the other shows will take light years to bring it on their shows. It was an easy migration to your show for its personable entertaining ishtyle... Best wishes to you and your wonderful show...Sunny
It is the best show I watch every weekend. India Waves keeps you informed about the latest events and movies. I love the interviews that is hosted by Lakshmi, she is the best. - Fousia Malik
It was good meeting you at the last weeks Star Search program and want to thank you for inviting me to be a judge for the program. On the same wavelength would also like to applaud you for conducting such an event to provide a platform for the many talented individuals. Cheers - Sunita
hi anthony and lakshmi, thanx a lot for the fantastic prize....for today's show  10/06/02 and being generous enough to give everyone a prize... Bobby Kumar
Hi guys how are you all??  Gosh, I just wanted to tell you guys that i went to a party on saturday and i swear everyone kept coming up to me and saying that they saw me on india waves...............that was soooo fun!   I felt like i was famous or something...hahhaa, well anyways guys thanks again!  take care - priscilla
Hi Lakshmi and Anthony, Its always fun to participate in your Radio show.  Keep up with the good work - Sangeeta Bhatia
Hi Laxmi and Anthony, Thanks for a great radio show and for providing me a chance to win some tickets. You Guys are just GREAT!!- Vikas
I like India Waves Program very much and I think Anthony and Laxmi are doing a great job! -  Simran Ballani

Hello Anthony & Laxmy, I am a great fan of your program and I never miss it. You guy's always bring hot news from Bollywood. Believe me its really fun listening your program. - Amisha Sharma

I like to watch India Waves is Becuase you guys show everything that comes out new first on tv and you guys show the best songs and the best concerts from any live show that happened and I really enjoy watching that it makes me really HAPPY. - Neha Paul
Becouse, I like indian movies and indian music and this is the only way than I can now what's going on. I am from Peru  but I love India. - Edith Cardenas
We like India Waves and India Radio. We enjoy the songs, previews of upcomming movies, and specials. We also enjoy the interviews with the stars of Bollywood. You also give us all the news from Bollywood. .....You are doing good work. Keep it up. Once again thanks for Indian entainment to the Bay Area. - Smriti Sahai

India waves has most of the things I am looking for. It is nice to hear what is currently happening in the Bay area and in the movie world, plus things like e.g  (JonnyWalker's ) this saturday and his song brought back memories. Laskshmi  is great. - Sarojini Babu

I like Indiawaves because it is always involved with some type of local community events which gives us to promote events and work together. India waves also provides great music and wonderful prizes and gifts. Thank you for the hard work. - Saba Khan
Our soccer team loved what you did with the television coverage and they all send their thanks. Thank you again for helping us on behalf of all the teams. - Jaspal Sekhon
I like "indiawavestv", because they bring us the best in Bollywood Entertainment, and "indiawavesradio", because that's a good forum for all kinds of topics, including life in the western world......- Nadia Kurwa
It's because it feels good to know that when i turn on the radio on sundays I could hear something related to my culture and which i know about since we don't have many radio programs but india waves is really unique and they are tryign to bring the comunity together which is really good because they could be living their lives not caring but you guys do. And you guys always have interesting topics and I feel like listening  forever. Keep up the great work. - Sukhjit Kaur
You are doing a wonderful job on the show - Mona Bedi
because we like the way that Laxmi expresses herself, both verbally and with her kool gestures!!! - Mahesh Wadhva
Dear Indiawaves, my name is Rani I relly love Indiawaves T.V.. Keep up the good work
i applaud you for tackling a very sensitive topics on radio -  Anu
hi anthony & lakshmi!!!!!!! thanks for talking about such controversial topics.i think talking about such topics will be of great will definitely spread awareness among is my information. -  Arthi Ireddy
No other station is anything like india waves and also most of all the hosts are real friendly. - Sukhjeet
you guys beat all theIf I could only watch one show a week, it would definitely be India waves....  India waves is a GREAT show that plays all my favorite songs and provides the latest news about bollywood.  You also have a great radio show that listen to every weekend AND you also give away great prizes.  I love watching your show and you guys do a great job and put a great effort into making this show so wonderful.  Thank you guys so much for all your hard work. - Kumuda Rao other shows in variety, culture, and race. you guys dont discriminate. and i love your show. i havent missed an episode so far. - khatera kohistani
I like India Waves because it is one of my favorite shows, it has variety and lot of spice into it. I wake up every saturday to watch india waves :) - Humera Khan
Live interviews with the show organizers and news on Bollywood are some of the interesting parts of India Waves. Add to it discussions on social issues and you have a recipe for success. Good luck!! - Vinita Kumar
i like India Waves TV because it is an exciting variety entertainment show which presents opportunitites to learn about what is going on the bay is an excellent outlet for indo-americans to advertise their businesses as well. it reaches a wonderful target audience.- Vijay
I'm 20 years old and I've been watching India Waves before I even discovered make up. Throughout the years, India Waves became a weekly routine for me.  Even now after attending college and living away from home, I always ask my mom to tape India Waves for me so when I come home I can watch all the missed episodes.  I guess you can say India Waves has become a habit for me...just like Hrithik Roshan told Rani Mukherjee in "Mujhse Dosti Karoge", "Mere liye tum ek adaath si baan  gaye ho"  I guess you can say that I'm Hrithik and India Waves is Rani. HAH!  I love everything that's covered on the showbecause it's such a broad array of various events.  It's impossible for anyone to not find something on the show that they would enjoy watching.  And Laxmiji is just a delight, with her catchy phrases such as "reach for the stars but keep your feet on the ground."  And I love listening to Anthonyji and Laxmiji on the radio.  You two show no fear when bringing up controversial yet very important topics on your radio show, which others would hesitate even vaguely mentioning.  This is probably why so many people love listening to the show. And also I love it how they have young ladies and gentlemen that are involved with the show.  That just shows how interested India WAves is with the future of tomorrow. ...having India Waves has helped keep my candle of love for bollywood burning.  India Waves also holds many events such as the India Waves pageants....a great opportunity for young ladies and young gentlemen to be able to express themselves and voice their opinions within the Indian community.  And I believe that if India Waves didn't exist, then our Indian community would not be the same...we would not be the same.....I would not be the same.  Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to tell you guys how much you mean to me.- Rupal Patel
Becouse there is always new  songs, interview of actor &actress, trailers of  new movies, and many more. - Sandhir Mittal
you guys bring India to U.S. You guys have a great show with latest songs and movie reviews. Also I like listening to India waves radio cuz you guys play the latest and best songs on air. - Rohan Nayak


Founder Lakshmi Baweja started the first Indian TV produced in Bay Area 25 years ago. India Waves TV, first & only its kind unique blend of Bollywood, Hollywood, Youth, Fashion & Community, variety entertainment at its best!

Check out IW Exclusive Bollywood & Hollywood Celebes interviews & Specials. Pioneers in South Asian Broadcast. Entertainment, Music, Bollywood & Hollywood Specials, Celeb interviews, Fashion, Youth, Community, Movies & Restaurant reviews Win Movie Tickets, DVDs & Merchandise.

Lakshmi also established India Waves Youth TV several years ago providing platform for Youth & community talents with Indian origin. India Waves Management have almost 60 years of combined professional, broadcast experience led by Founder, Producer & Anchor Lakshmi Baweja & other talents.

India Waves TV program format has earned the reputation for family oriented programming. IWTV has been serving community with popular entertainment and Youth Segments. IWTV Founder Lakshmi Baweja pioneered to provide platform to Youth and the community

India Waves Youth TV Hosted by India Waves Youth Wing talents. Music/Art: Youth Events/Entertainment. Kids & Youth Specials for School, College Students & Talents. Cultural Shows & Youth Events. Hollywood & Bollywood movie reviews, Interactive coverages & Entertainment. Click here for highlights IWTV viewership demographics indicate majority of South Asians from India, Pakistan, Fiji, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, UK, & Middle East. India Waves is making inroads into main stream Americans and International Community.


South Asian Immigrants from India, Pakistan, Fiji Island, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Germany, Africa, Singapore, Vietnam, Middle East and increasing number of main stream Americans specially in Bay Area where the International Community is very much into Our Indian Culture, Arts and Entertainment.

India Waves is the first South Indian media in America to introduce road shows for live concerts and Hollywood movie promotions for over two decades by our parent company. Our field promotion included public hype in popular malls for major Hollywood Studios.


Get this! You spend $1 on IW Entertainment advertising and you get $10 response on your dollar! If this is what you want for concerts, movies, shows etc., your entertainment $$$$ for advertising will get its maximum value on India Waves!! Our proven track record has boosted business sales and promotion for corporations, live shows, events and business. Our Corporate Sponsors understand the value of India Waves promotion standards. A Record 200 times per dollar sales when it comes to concert promotions!! We have promoted over 14,000 Movies, Concerts and Events.


India Waves is First & Only of its kind Bollywood Hollywood Waves Entertainment. India Waves is among the first Indian TV program on record by Nielsen Ratings.


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